10 years of the Togolese machine gun attack

first_imgAmong the wounded was Obilale. So serious that they came to him for dead. The goalkeeper survived and had to face up to eight important operations to return to lead a life as normal as possible. As he explains on the BBC, everything changed at that moment. “I went back to study, took out my titles, worked and wrote a book,” he acknowledges. Now, try to improve the lives of children with more needs through football. A football that, at least at the institutional level, left him aside until relatively recently. His companions, according to this British chain, did not. Not even his captain, Adebayor. Nor other legends of African football like Samuel Eto’o or the Ayew brothers who supported him throughout his recovery and subsequent years. A tournament with one less teamAfter the attack, the Togolese government decided that the team would turn and leave the African Cup although Several players tried to oppose by ensuring that the best tribute was to play the tournament.Finally, security prevailed and the team ran out of the Africa Cup. Days later they tried to be readmitted in the tournament but the CAF did not allow it. The team wanted to return to fight for theirs and honor the memory of those who lost their lives on that fateful bus trip. “For 42 minutes we only heard shots. Everywhere. I only heard my friends scream but I couldn’t move or do anything.” This is how Emmanuel Adebayor narrated last April in Daily Mail one of the worst moments of his life, the shooting of the Togo national team bus on January 8, 2010.Ten years ago, Togo’s team was on a relatively quiet trip from Pointe Noir, in Congo, where they had prepared for the tournament, to Cabinda, Angola, headquarters where they began to play the group stage of the Africa Cup.The bus crossed the border between Congo and Angola and there, the Angolan security forces joined the convoy. A few kilometers later they would cross a forest and hear a first shot that would start a shooting with machine guns of more than half an hour. This attack would be claimed by the Front for the Liberation of the Cabinda Enclave, a group that fights for the independence of this area belonging to Angola.That day Amelete Abalo, technical assistant, Mário Adjoua, bus driver and Stan Ocloo, press officer died. The death of Adjoua in the first minutes of the attack caused the bus to stand still and that the bus could not even attempt to get them out of the ambush. Ocloo was shot down while, unfortunately, he recorded a video of the quiet arrival of the players to the country celebrating this tournament. During the attack, all the team threw themselves on the floor of the bus and held on as they could. Several were injured. Adebayor, team captain, narrated what happened. “As captain, I told everyone to call his family. I called my wife. I was pregnant and told him the names I wanted for my son if he was a boy or a girl. He replied that he didn’t understand anything and I said ‘I’ll call you later if I’m still alive, “he confessed. FRED TANNEAU & nbsp; (AFP) ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>Kodjovi Obilale, wounded goalkeeper, rests in a hospital in Lorient, France, in March 2010.FRED TANNEAU (AFP)last_img read more

Rubi: “Falling before Real would be a very hard blow”

first_imgBetis coach Rubi analyzed the shock that his team will play this Sunday against Real Sociedad and detailed the keys to winter planning that left two new players on their squad. The second round, in liza: “We have reinforced the squad and now it has more level, more means and more possibilities. They are for immediate performance because they are contrasted players, they will be seen getting better and better. ”Need for improvement: “It was a poor first round, 24 points are few for what we deserved. We go for all in the second round, I will not consider the points to get because this changes a lot. But it is true that Betis must win many games and make a great second round. ”About Guido Rodríguez: “The sensations are good. He had a very busy 2019 match but he arrived very well and did not lose the form in those days. He is seen back with a ball and is a player who can help us a lot. ”Once before Real: “I have a team in mind with several possibilities. Change the team if in the end you have Nabil or you don’t have it. The important thickness is what you all know. Does everyone fit? For me the important thing is that there are more possibilities and the players will demand more from each other. I have to try to be fair with decisions, with performance and what I want is to win games. I ask you to be team players. When it’s their turn not to play and wait, they fight to get in and cheer on the team. They will not always play the same“ Final against Real: “In case of defeat it would be a very hard blow. It is a match in which you depend on yourself to cut distance with that rival. We know we were hurt there, they were better than us and we want to show that we can be better. There can also be a draw and that would not leave the final situation as to not entering Europe. ”Odegaard: “He has made a first lap of luxury, it was a joy to see him play football as a rival. It costs me nothing to say. We don’t want to suffer it and hopefully it’s not a great Odegaard. ”Quique Setién: “The first thing is to say that I’m not a lover of coach changes, is always the one who knows his staff best. I want to convey to Valverde all the best, I also wish the best to Setién. What I want is for Betis to do better than the other teams. Rumors? There was already a lot of talk about that, but I’m not sure of anything. Our performance was irregular, if I had to come Quique or come another, because that was not my thing. What I intend is that the people who judge us trust what we are doing. If there are not two good results, there will always be doubts. ”Departures: “What is tickets I do not think there is any forecast. If there were any way out, which I don’t see today, I could change that. The market can always change everything. I don’t know that any management is very advanced. ”last_img read more

Valencia was exposed to two outbreaks of coronavirus risk

first_imgValencia has reported that 35 percent of the personnel linked to its first squad (coaching staff, staff and players) has tested positive for Covid-19 infection. Only the names of Garay, Mangala and Gayà have been released for the time being, in addition to the delegate Camarasa and Dr. Aliaga. Of the cases confirmed today, the club maintains the anonymity of those infected. Valencia in its statement did stress that the contagion is due to the “inherent exposure of the parties” and has taken advantage of their case to send a message of awareness to society of the “high contagiousness of the virus”. Valencia, for more preventive measures it took, was in fact a pioneering club in Spain in terms of protocol, it has been splashed by a massive contagion in its dressing room. Valencia in recent weeks has had to travel at the whim of the calendar to two of the hotbeds of contagion in Italy and Spain. The team played the February 19 in Milan, when the health alarms had not yet gone off in the Lombardy region (they did two days later), and the March 6 traveled to Vitoria to face Alavés (club that last Saturday published two cases in members of its coaching staff). In between, Valencia received Real Betis at Mestalla. Valencia have been isolating their players since February 24. That day he began to shut down his Sports City, and took measures so that its footballers kept as little contact as possible with people outside the first team. He suspended press conferences, interviews, traveled to Vitoria during the day to spend as little time as possible in the hotel and in the city … and It was the first team to have to play in Mestalla behind closed doors due to the coronavirus in the Champions League, in the second leg against Atalanta de Bergamo.last_img read more

UEFA postpones the Champions League and Europa League finals without date

first_imgAs a result of the COVID-19 crisis, UEFA has today formally postponed the following finals, originally scheduled for May 2020.@UWCL@EuropaLeague@ChampionsLeagueNo decision has yet been made on rearranged dates. Further announcements will be made in due course. – UEFA (@UEFA) March 23, 2020UEFA’s intention was to place the Champions League final on Saturday June 27 and the Europa League final on Wednesday 24 of the same month if the advance of COVID-19 allowed it. Today these dates are unknown and the working group led by Aleksander Ceferin It is already examining the possible calendar to announce the new dates for the three continental finals.Initially the end of the Champions should be disputed in Istanbul on May 30. Meanwhile, the Europa League was scheduled for the May 27 in Gdansk (Poland). The women’s final of the Champions League was to be played on May 24 in Vienna (Austria). UEFA has officially communicated that the coronavirus crisis has forced postpone the finals of the Champions League, the Europa League and the women’s Champions League, set for next May. The European body has not informed of the new date in which the three postponed European finals will be played.last_img read more

María Pry, the only coach of the First Iberdrola

first_imgMary Pry is the sole trainer of all the First Iberdrola. The Sevillian is already a classic on the benches of the highest Spanish category, a exception between the First coaches. However, this season there was more women commanding.Irene Ferreras the season started from Valencia, but a lousy streak caused his dismissal in early February. Carolina Miranda took the reins of the team until the arrival of José Bargues. He too Lightning, Ferreras team, bet on a woman at the beginning of the course: Jessica Rodríguez, but she did not even make her debut when she was dismissed before the start of the course for “sporting reasons”. It is not the first time that Mary Pry she is the only woman on the bench. Already in the season 2017-18 it was, but in command of Betis until the arrival of Carol Miranda. Last year, Maria had competition with Irene Ferreras, which had a great season with Rayo. Another pioneer on the female benches it was Milagros Martinez, now in a men’s team in Japan, who in the 2014-15 season rose with the Albacete to First.last_img read more

The new Newcastle is going for the greats

first_imgThe television channel points out that lThe new owners of the club want to command the team a coach with more name than Steve Bruce, who currently holds the position. And among the four Pochettino seems to take advantage. According to ESPN, the former Tottenham coach, since November without a team, is the number one candidate. Allegri is also free. Juventus was his last team, after he announced in May 2019 that he was going to take a gap year.Newcastle’s new owners are working to attract great players and the urgent priority is to sign a striker. Great players like Edison Cavani are on the transfer schedule. According to ESPN, the new owners they have contacted the agents of Dries Mertens of Naples; Cavani, from PSG; and Wiliam, from Chelsea.The new owners believe that they can put together an offer and a project to appeal to any of their goals, like Everton did with Carlo Ancelotti. The procedures for the sale of the club are underway after this Monday, Mike Ashley, until now the owner of the club, and the Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia formalized the agreement. The change of ownership of Newcastle and the announced acquisition of it by the Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia It will place the new Newcastle as the richest club in the Premier League. And under such a condition The new Newcastle is heading to lead a revolution in the club in a big way … And going for the big ones.The first names have already come to the fore. For the manager position generateThe club highlights renowned professionals such as Massimiliano Allegri, Mauricio Pochettino, Rafa Benítez and Lucien Favre, although Pochettino appears as the best placed. As a great goal for the team, the signing of Edison Cavani, from PSG, which ends contract with the French club in June, as announced ESPN.last_img read more

Official in the BOE: professional and federated athletes will be able to train as of this Monday

first_imgFor the so-called DAN (professional athletes, of national interest and of a high level), their return to training will take place “without any time restriction” and with the limit of space marked by the province in which their home is located.. Your training sessions can be carried out in the sea, rivers or reservoirs, with the material you need “as long as you can practice alone.”Any coach will be able to follow the work of the athletes keeping the safety distance of two meters, with the exception of bicycles and skates, which will be ten meters.. In this section, special mention should be made of Paralympic athletes, who will be able to count on the help of another athlete without having to keep the safety distance, although they will have to train with additional mask protection.In the case of professional leagues, training is allowed in own work centers, with the protection and hygiene measures determined by Health.For federated athletes, two time bands are established, between six and ten in the morning of each day, and between eight in the afternoon and eleven at night.. They will be able to train individually. The Official State Gazette has published this Sunday the Order of the Ministry of Health through which the return to training of professional and federated athletes, individually, is approved and under the premises of “responsibility, prudence and safety distance” advised by the department commanded by the Minister of Health, Salvador Illa.Following the plan for the transition to a new normality approved on April 28 in the Council of Ministers, On Monday, measures aimed at easing restrictions established after the declaration of the state of alarm enter, including the return to training of professional and federated athletes.Professional sport returns with the entry into force of ‘Phase 0’ of the de-escalation and professional and federated athletes will be able to train individually from Monday. In addition, as indicated by the Higher Sports Council in a statement, professional leagues may develop basic training in their work centerslast_img read more