Ordered Oshawa why this city is ranked Canadas most insecure

first_imgOSHAWA, Ont. – Vacant storefronts are a common sight in downtown Oshawa — even a Tim Hortons closed last year amid complaints about loiterers and drug users.Yet, three shops selling comics, toys and games manage to hang on in this city 60 kilometres from Toronto. Why? As the local joke goes: because Oshawans are just that desperate for an escape from their reality.In extensive polling by EKOS Research and The Canadian Press, Oshawa was the city in Canada home to the highest number of respondents with a pessimistic view of the world — a view that’s in lockstep with the attitudes believed to underpin 21st-century populist forces in play globally.All three federal political parties have spoken out about the potential for the economic and cultural discontent fuelling populist politics to come to roost in Canada. The Liberals use it as a reason to justify their progressive trade agenda; some Conservatives echoed it during their recent leadership race and the New Democrats are hoping to capitalize on leftist populism akin to what Bernie Sanders did in the U.S.But a key theme also running through the anti-establishment sentiment around the world is the sense that no one is listening to the voices of those driving it. EKOS and The Canadian Press sought, through a major poll of 12,604 Canadians, to figure out where they were and what they were saying.The polls measured people’s perceptions of their economic outlook, class mobility, ethnic fluency and tolerance. The results were in turn plotted on a spectrum from “open” to “ordered” — a new way of classifying people’s political viewpoints that goes beyond the traditional right-versus-left.The research revealed the complexity of the issue and Oshawa is a reflection. The statistics say it is prospering, at least on paper — a direct contrast to some of the rusted out parts of the United States that voted Donald Trump.But the poll showed that still, 38 per cent of respondents in Oshawa could be considered “ordered” in their viewpoints, compared to 30 per cent nationally.Ordered Canadians are those with a negative perception of their own economic outlook and prospects for the next generation’s, as well as a sense they’re not getting ahead.THE TROUBLEDThe dramatic scale-back of GM blew a hole in the local economy, said Jon Maschke, 43, who works at one of the local comic shops.In the 1980s, General Motors employed 23,000 people here, and now it’s around 3,000.“Unless an employer moves in and hires thousands more people, nothing is going to change,” he said.But a look at some of the other elements at play in Oshawa reveal a more nuanced portrait of what could be behind the pessimism.In the EKOS Research/The Canadian Press study, those who overestimated the number of cultural and ethnic minorities or who thought too many immigrants were white were also classified on the “ordered” side of the index.But when Brian Annan, 40, who works with Maschke, considers the question of immigrants in Oshawa, he doesn’t target ethnicity or race.He points to a local mosque and notes he sees members out and about in the same shops he visits and the same community events he attends.They are part of the community, he says.“Other people come in and take up our jobs and houses and disrupt our lives,” he said.“I don’t see any Syrian refugee causing all this grief.”The “other people” he’s talking about are the commuters.In recent years, Oshawa has seen a massive influx of Torontonians snapping up homes in the city thanks to lower housing prices, improved public transit and better highways that make the city more of a viable commuter option.The city’s population grew by 6.6 per cent between 2011 and 2016, according to the most recent census, with migration from within Ontario the largest driving force.The best sign of the impact they’ve had on Oshawa might be an actual sign: the home of the popular minor hockey team used to be called General Motors Centre. But the company didn’t want to pay for the rights anymore so in 2016, it became Tributes Communities Centre — the name belonging a home building company in the area.Elaine Stewart’s son is one of the Toronto commuters. She moved to Oshawa with his family because of the cost of living.While the 73-year-old finds the city far more welcoming than Toronto, as she watches her son make the trek each day, she worries about the toll it takes as expenses just keep going up. This year for Christmas, all he asked for was money to help with groceries, she said.“I worry they aren’t going to be able to have a house or any kind of security,” Stewart says after a game of bingo at a popular local seniors’ centre.“I don’t see how they are going to have anything to call their own.”THE IMPLICATIONSWhile “ordered” voters may have propelled sweeping political change elsewhere in the world, it’s unclear where the malaise in Oshawa is heading.For two decades, the riding’s MP was Ed Broadbent, the former head of the New Democrats. He reigned during the final years of the auto industry’s grip on the town; local union officials still have his pins in their offices.When he left politics in 1989, he was replaced in a riding by a Liberal — the first time a Grit had held the seat in nearly 50 years. But in 2004, Conservative Colin Carrie eked out a victory and he’s been the MP ever since.Broadbent points out that in recent years, the riding hasn’t been a lock for any of the three parties. The political system has so far addressed the concerns of voters, but it’s a ticking clock, he suggested, because inequality hasn’t improved.“We could still head into the kind of politics of resentment that have characterized other western democracies because it’s absolutely crucial in a democracy that those who are feeling some sense of injustice have a perception that their leaders are trying to deal with it.”DISPARITYA recent study by the Durham Region Health Department shows that disparity in Oshawa.In the city’s Lakeview neighbourhood on the shores of Lake Ontario, 38 per cent of children under the age of six live in low income households.The number drops to 9.8 per cent in the city’s northwest, where most of the new home construction is taking place, an area nicknamed “Poshawa.”It’s the development in the north end of the city that fuels much of the optimism in Oshawa. While over a third of Oshawans have a bleak perspective, 45 per cent fall into the ‘open’ category of the EKOS Research/The Canadian Press study — defined as being future-oriented and welcoming change.In 2015, the median income of households was $85,697 — the highest in Ontario.Around 29,800 net new jobs have been created there since 2011, including 18,000 in 2016, according to data compiled by the Conference Board, which projects its economy among the fastest growing in the province.The growth is driven not just by the housing boom, but also the rapid expansion of the city’s post-secondary education market and health sciences sector.When she first moved to the area 14 years ago, it was homogenous to the extreme, said Monica Swarek, 57, who works at the local library.Now there are local restaurants and events with a far more diverse flavour, she said.“It was too white bread, too dull,” she said. “I think there’s been a lot of positive change, generally speaking.”In 2011, the visible minority population of the city was 9.3 per cent. In 2016, it was 16 per cent.The jobs being created by the expansion of universities and the health sector are giving the community as a whole a boost, said local businessman Lorn Scanlon, 51.If people want change in the city, they have to drive it themselves, he said.The reason he opened the Cork and Bean was to finally be able to get a good cappuccino and set up a place that would lure commuters to spend their time and money in the city itself.“People from Oshawa are their own worst enemy, constantly talking down the city,” Scanlon said.“We have high family incomes and yet looked at as poor and that’s never made sense to me.”Of the remainder captured in the survey by EKOS and The Canadian Press, 17 per cent of Oshawa’s population isn’t certain about the world, earning the definition of having a “mixed” outlook.Count Johnny Milosh among them. The 64-year-old has run a popular diner for two decades. Back when union jobs were a dime a dozen, kids flush with cash used to crowd into his booths.Now it’s mainly retirees, and he said he wonders what will happen when their population dwindles.He’s concerned about the growing disparity between the north and south ends of the city as well, and questions whether the local government is on top of it.“We should be sitting pretty,” he says in between high-fiving his regulars stopping by for breakfast on a frigid winter morning.“All this city needs is a plan.”last_img read more

Economic growth blows past expectations in May powered by energy industry

OTTAWA — Economic growth in the country blew past expectations in May, powered by the energy sector, posting the fastest expansion on an annual basis since October 2000 and raising expectations the Bank of Canada will raise interest rates again this fall.Statistics Canada said Friday that real gross domestic product grew by 0.6 per cent for the month. Economists had expected an increase of 0.2 per cent, according to Thomson Reuters.The Bank of Canada raised its key interest rate earlier this month for the first time since 2010. The central bank’s target for the overnight rate sits at 0.75 per cent.TD Bank senior economist Brian DePratto said the economic performance was healthy across nearly every industry.“This is only going to strengthen the case for them,” he said of the central bank.The Canadian dollar, which has been gaining ground since the middle of last month when speculation of a central bank rate hike started, was trading at 80.52 cents US, up from an average price of 79.87 cents US on Thursday.The Bank of Canada’s next opportunity to raise its key rate is in September, but DePratto suggested it would wait until its October rate announcement when it will also update its economic forecasts in its monetary policy report.Compared with a year ago, the economy soared 4.6 per cent. The result was the best since October 2000 when the economy posted year-over-year growth of 4.7 per cent.“While that very impressive headline comes with a caveat — last May was depressed by the Alberta wildfires — even excluding that factor leaves the underlying growth trend well above three per cent,” Bank of Montreal chief economist Doug Porter wrote in a note to clients.He said the latest report puts Canada on track for roughly three per cent GDP growth this year, more than a percentage point above where consensus expectations were just six months ago.“While the blow-out headline advance no doubt exaggerates the underlying strength in growth, the fact is that every single major surprise for the economy this year has been to the upside,” Porter said.Statistics Canada said goods-producing industries rose 1.6 per cent, driven by a 4.6 per cent increase in the mining, quarrying, and oil and gas extraction sector.The oil and gas extraction subsector grew 7.6 per cent, with non-conventional oil extraction rising 13 per cent due to a rebound in activity after a fire at the Syncrude Mildred Lake upgrader in mid-March that curtailed production. Conventional oil and gas extraction gained 3.2 per cent.Service-producing industries increased 0.2 per cent, led by finance and insurance services. read more

In address to the nation President claims Minister involved in murder plot

He said that after information related to the assassination plot and other allegations linked to Wickremesinghe came to light, he had no option but to invite Mahinda Rajapaksa to accept the post of Prime Minister. Speaking further, the President defended the decision to remove Ranil Wickremesinghe as Prime Minister. In an address to the nation, President Maithripala Sirisena today said that a top Minister has been accused of being involved in a plot to assassination him.The President said that information on the involvement of the Minister came to light during ongoing investigations into the plot. The President invited political parties in Parliament to join him in the new Government to take the country forward. (Colombo Gazette) read more

Federal regulator suspends licence of Edmonton meat processing plant

AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email by The Canadian Press Posted Nov 23, 2012 2:28 am MDT Federal regulator suspends licence of Edmonton meat processing plant EDMONTON – The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has suspended the licence of an Edmonton meat-processing plant over concerns for food safety.The decision involving Capital Packers Inc. came Thursday.The CFIA says adequate controls for food safety “are not being reliably implemented in the facility on a consistent basis.”The agency also says the company hasn’t corrected deficiencies previously identified through CFIA inspections.It has placed all products at the plant in northeast Edmonton under detention and control.The agency says it is investigating whether products shipped from the plant pose potential risks to consumers, particularly related to listeriosis, a foodborne illness that can cause high fever, severe headache, neck stiffness and nausea.The CFIA has already announced the recall of two products, saying ham sausages produced at the plant were being pulled from shelves because of concerns about possible listeriosis.The sausages are sold in 300-gram packages under the Capital brand name and in 375-gram packages sold under the Compliments brand. Both products, which may have been sold nationally, carry the code 2012-DE-26.The CFIA said its public warning may be updated if additional food products are identified as being a potential health risk.The agency said there were no reported illnesses associated with eating these products.“Capital Packers Inc. will not be able to resume operations until they have fully implemented the necessary corrective actions and the CFIA is fully confident in the plant’s capacity to effectively manage food safety risks,” the agency said in a news release.On its website, Capital Packers describes itself as an 82-year-old, third-generation family-owned business.It employs about 100 people.The website said the company produces 153 varieties of fresh meats, 13 varieties of cooked meats, 151 varieties of smoked meats and nine varieties of pickled meats.It said the company’s market covers western Canada and the Northwest Territories.Company officials could not immediately be reached for comment.Back in September, the CFIA also suspended the licence of XL Foods in Brooks, Alta., the meat-packing plant at the centre of a massive recall of tainted beef.Eighteen confirmed cases of E. coli were linked to the plant, which was closed for more than a month before its operating licence was restored in late October.Management of the plant was taken over by JBS USA, an American subsidiary of a Brazilian company. JBS USA has not yet decided if it will exercise its option to buy the plant.Earlier this week, the Harper government passed legislation aimed at making the food system safer.Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz said Canadian beef sales, both domestic and international, have not declined in the wake of the XL Foods scare. read more

Statement of Intent PhD in Modeling and Applied Computing

The Department of Computer Science has submitted a Statement of Intent that it wishes to introduce a new graduate program.As part of the approval process outlined in the Institutional Quality Assurance Process (IQAP), the Statement is being made available for the information of the University community to allow the opportunity for comment prior to moving to the next step in the internal quality assurance process.Please view the Statement of Intent here. The posting will remain in place for 21 days— until 4:30 p.m. on April 27, 2017.Comments on the above proposal must be submitted by April 27, 2017 by e-mail to the addresses provided below. In submitting your response, please include the new program title in the subject line.Please send comments to the Academic Review Committee via the Vice-Chair Greg Finn, the GPD of Computer Science Brian Ross and the GPD of Mathematics and Science Babak Farzad. read more

Womens volleyball OSU drops two matches in Michigan

Ohio State’s libero Valeria Leon passes a ball in the regional quarterfinal versus Washington on December 11, 2015. Credit: Ohio State AthleticsThe weekend wasn’t kind to the Ohio State women’s volleyball team, as they dropped two matches on the road against Michigan State and OSU’s main rival, Michigan. Up first were the No. 21 Michigan State Spartans, who silenced the No. 14 Buckeyes in a 3-0 sweep on Friday. OSU then travelled to Ann Arbor to take on the No. 23 Michigan Wolverines. The Buckeyes would only secure one set before falling to their foe, 3-1. The pair of losses comes on the heels of OSU’s upset over then-No. 1 Nebraska on October 1. After this weekend, the Buckeyes hold a 2-4 conference record. The team is 12-6 overall. Michigan StateOSU would be starting another new lineup against the Spartans. Sophomore outside hitter and regular starter Audra Appold was still out due to an injury that originated before the Buckeyes’ match against Northwestern on Sept. 28. The Buckeyes would be playing catch-up for the entire first set. Unforced errors forced OSU head coach Geoff Carlston to burn a timeout early on in the set. The Spartans would go on a 4-0 run to make the score 18-9 before Carlston used his remaining timeout for the first set. The Buckeyes couldn’t respond to the Michigan State offense and would drop the first set, 18-25. Much like the first, Michigan State would carry the lead for the entire second set. The Buckeyes pulled within reach of a tie mid-set until the Spartans started to gradually increase their separation. An OSU service error would secure the second set win for Michigan State. The third set would carry a different tune as the teams would see 10 tie scores and the Buckeyes would hold their first lead of the match. Senior middle blocker Taylor Sandbothe and junior outside hitter Luisa Schirmer combined for nine kills and sparked OSU’s offense. With the score tied at 21-21, it seemed like the third set could go to either team, but in the end it was the Spartans who would score the match point and complete the sweep of OSU, 25-23. Sophomore setter Taylor Hughes led the team in hitting percentages with .429. She also added 23 assists and combined for four blocks. MichiganIn front of a sold-out crowd in Ann Arbor, OSU would face their school rivals, Michigan. The Wolverines started the match out strong, jumping out to 6-0. After an OSU timeout, Sandbothe hammered down a kill and finally put the Buckeyes on the scoreboard. However, OSU errors would continue to dig a deep hole for the team. At 12-4, Michigan was boasting an errorless hitting game compared to five errors for OSU. The Buckeyes would score seven unanswered points later in the set to close the gap, but three costly OSU service errors would give the first set to Michigan, 25-20. The second set saw 13 tie scores, two lead changes, and proved to hold true to the meaning of the rivalry. Midway through the set, each team’s offensive numbers were explosive: .400 for the Buckeyes and .611 for the Wolverines. Schirmer put away seven kills alone in the second set. It was Michigan who would get the first set point at 24-23, followed by an OSU hitting error.  The Wolverines would have the advantage going into the third set, 2-0. OSU may have been going into the third with a disadvantage, but they weren’t going down easily. The Buckeyes took the early lead at 11-7 and forced a Michigan timeout after an ace by Hughes. OSU would get their first set point of the match from a kill by Sandbothe that would push the duel into four sets. The fourth set was a crowd thriller. OSU was able to come back from an 18-9 deficit to even the score at 21-21. The Buckeyes were able to fend off two Wolverine set points, but two skill Michigan plays would secure their match victory. Sandbothe and Schirmer paced the Buckeyes’ offense with 17 kills each, while senior libero Valeria León collected 23 digs. OSU will be back at St. John Arena for a rematch with the No. 3 Nebraska Huskers on Friday. read more

Robert Griffin III Still Does Not Have Contract

A funny thing happened on Robert Griffin III’s way to become a leader of the Washington Redskins. He has not received a contract. And so, Griffin, and third-round draft pick Josh LeRibeus, are absent from the team’s five-day mini-camp.It would seem the team would have made it happen by now. After all, Griffin, the No. 2 overall pick in the draft and Heisman Trophy winner, has been declared the starting quarterback. And as a rookie, all the practice time he can get the better.On top of that, he fits into a pay slot. Griffin is due for a four-year contract worth about $21 million, roughly two-thirds of which would be the signing bonus. The hang-up apparently is “offset” language that would govern the guaranteed money in the event Griffin is waived before the contract’s expiration.Griffin and LeRibeus are not considered holdouts because training camp doesn’t officially begin until July 26. Neither can be on the field this week with their fellow newcomers until they have signed their contracts.The collective bargaining agreement that was ratified by the NFL and the union to end last year’s lockout was supposed to make rookie deals easier to complete with a system of slotting that paid players based on their draft position. It worked well for the Redskins for their choices from the fourth through seventh rounds, all of whom were signed by early June.But it has been problematic for Griffin and LeRibeus, whose agent, Jordan Woy, said he had been talking to the Redskins on a daily basis, but they have yet to close the deal.Griffin’s agent, Ben Dogra, was unavailable for comment. His client attended the exhibition basketball game Monday night between the American and Brazilian men’s Olympic teams at Verizon Center in Washington.Fourteen of the 32 first-round draft choices, including top overall pick Andrew Luck, and 12 of the 32 third-round selections remain unsigned. read more

Exercise Science Club wants to juice up Most Fit Buckeye Competition

Sprint 800 meters and immediately do 50 squats. Then sprint another 800 meters, trying to beat the time it took to run the first 800-meter sprint. Do another 50 squats. Now repeat that same process four more times while trying to run the next 800 meters faster than the first. This isn’t some military workout or a treacherous training technique the Ohio State track team uses. It was simply the routine that Ben Van Treese, a fourth-year in human nutrition and community health, did to prepare for the Most Fit Buckeye Competition 2012. “I do cross fit, a lot so I switched it to a lot more endurance-type activities,” Van Treese said. “I figured that … the mental toughness of forcing yourself to do six 800s by yourself is pretty similar to this.” The second annual Most Fit Buckeye Competition was held Saturday at Coffey Road Park. While the event drew about 20 more people this year than it did in its inaugural run in 2011, the Exercise Science Club has its sights set on much bigger things in years to come. Mark Ciolek, a third-year in exercise science and vice president of the Exercise Science Club, said the goal is to turn the competition into a huge event where competitors and spectators can come together and enjoy a day of fitness. Organizations can set up booths and mini-events can be held just for fun. “We really wanna turn it into … a big spectator event and really an all-day health and fitness fair,” Ciolek said. “Different vendors and clubs at OSU having tents up and being able to interact with the participants while they’re not competing and talking about different health and fitness things.” One of the things that should help transform the event is this year’s new location at Coffey Road Park. Last year, the event was on the Lincoln Tower Turf Field, which is smaller than Coffey Road Park. “This is a much better facility,” said Rick Petosa, faculty adviser for the Exercise Science Club. “Last year we were over on the towers’ field; too small.” The club was able to draw several sponsors to the event, including Earth Fare and Greenswell, which helped offset some of the costs of the prizes and refreshments for the participants. Petosa said he would like to see more involvement from the OSU community and wants people to attend even if they aren’t interested in being a part of the competition. “We realize not everybody wants to compete, so probably we’ll create a mini fun event,” Petosa said. “There’s a lot of campus organizations related to health and fitness, and they can come and do a little fitness thing. That’s what we’re hoping to do eventually here is set up and have a fitness day and have different events.” Gina Verhoff, a third-year in exercise science and president of the Exercise Science Club, said she hopes the event continues to grow and evolve into something big that people are excited about. She said she would like to see people return year after year to improve their times and that the competition becomes part of the Buckeye experience. “We want to be able to have it so that it does become a tradition here at Ohio State, and so that you can know your time the previous year and make it a goal to improve upon it,” Verhoff said. “I think it’s getting to be that point where we can totally provide every competitor with the unique experience.” read more

Why dog lovers should never buy puppies from pet shops new legislation

first_imgHe said that research should be done to find an appropriate breeder, explaining: “So if you want a specific breed just get it from a breeder that you trust, do your research and certainly work out whether you have the energy, the money, the time to exercise that dog, give the dog the right food and water, give it the right veterinary care.”The checks you should do when buying a puppyThe RSPCA chief explained: “They shouldn’t be giving you the dog on the first time you get there, you certainly should not be getting the dog anywhere apart from the breeder’s house. You should be asking to see the dog’s mother because that shows that the person has bred the dog themselves.”Ask where it’s come from if it’s microchipped, if it’s vaccinated. All of those things the breeder should be very happy to give you the information and you should walk away with a well-adjusted dog.  Pet shops are to be banned from selling puppies, under tough new rules to prevent so-called “puppy farming”.Many are familiar with the image of a puppy in a pet shop window, but behind the cute image often lies a story of exploitation and even abuse.Michael Gove, the environment secretary, acted after the RSPCA warned of a “puppy crisis.”Third-hand sales of puppies often mean that sick dogs can be sold as healthy, and it is difficult for the consumer to find out the health of the mother. Animals are often also taken away from their mother far too soon, which can cause problems, and bred in sub-standard conditions.The Telegraph spoke to David Bowles, Head of Public Affairs at the RSPCA, about why this new piece of legislation is so important, and what potential pet owners should look for before buying a dog.The truth behind pet shop poochesMr Bowles said: “The trade in puppies in England is probably something like 700,000 dogs coming on to the market every year.”And some of those dogs are being sold by what we call third party sellers and you get very poor conditions, being sold in lay-bys, the dogs have poor welfare and they’re very badly adjusted.” Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Never buy dogs from a pet shopMr Bowles was very clear that dogs should only be bought from the breeder.center_img The new measures mean it should be easier to buy a healthy puppyMany of the warnings the RSPCA has given about purchasing a puppy are covered under the new measures.These include banning licensed sellers from dealing with puppies and kittens under the age of eight weeks; introducing compulsory licensing for breeders who sell puppies, which they must have bred themselves, and requiring puppy sales to be completed in the presence of the new owner, preventing online sales. “Ask if the breeder has the puppy contract. Ask if they are Kennel Club registered. Those are all fairly good signs to show that the breeder knows what they’re doing and is breeding responsibly. “So a dog should be well adjusted and well socialized; if it looks scared, it doesn’t look like it knows how to react around humans then it may be badly socialized. “last_img read more

Former Jeison Murillo boss thinks he will bench Lenglet

first_imgManager Sergio Lobera wanted to praise Colombian Jeison Murillo’s arrival to Barcelona, he is convinced he has the props to even bench Lenglet.Jeison Murillo’s loan to FC Barcelona from Valencia has been one of the most surprising news in Spanish football this Thursday, the Colombian’s former boss from Las Palmas was questioned about his skills and the response from Sergio Lobera was overwhelmingly positive.But the most surprising tidbit of information from the manager who coached Murillo during his time at Las Palmas, was the assertion that the Colombian defender has the necessary talent to even bench French defender Clement Lenglet.The France international has been one of the biggest lifesavers for Barcelona during a complicated season for compatriot Samuel Umtiti, his absence due to injury was the reason the club decided to go after Murillo and his former manager praised the Catalan club’s decision.“This is a player whom when I coached in the Second Division at Ceuta, I really suffered him as a rival when he played for Cadiz,” said Lobera on Cadena Cope.“He has a very good profile for Barça. He comes out from the back very well with the ball at his feet, he is technically gifted, he is great tactically, and he has the personality to playBarça’s style.”“He has a great aerial game, he is very competitive, and he is also a great person. That is my experience with him as a coach. You also can’t tell if he plays with his left or right foot because he defends very well with both legs.”David Villa, FC BarcelonaTop 10 players who played for both Barcelona and Valencia Boro Tanchev – September 14, 2019 Time to talk about the best players who represented both Barcelona and Valencia, prior to their La Liga encounter at Camp Nou this evening.“When I coached Busquets people asked me about him but it’s difficult to tell at that moment, we all know what Sergio has become now.”“Murillo is one of those players who won’t waste an opportunity like this one. I think that he can even play more than Lenglet.”“Experience-wise, maybe the Frenchman has more but Murillo can become a surprise if you give him the chance,” he concluded.Sergio Lobera, en @ESPORTSCOPE: “Murillo puede dar la sorpresa”https://t.co/bPp5JRV4jj— Tiempo de Juego (@tjcope) December 20, 2018last_img read more

Jose Gimenez hopeful of Diego Godin stay

first_imgAtletico Madrid defender Jose Gimenez has revealed he wants teammate Diego Godin to remain at the club despite speculation over his future.Gimenez is keen to continue playing alongside Godin with Los Rojiblancos for a long time as the veteran defender continues to be linked with A move to Italy.Godin’s contract expires at the end of the current season and the former Villarreal defender has been tipped to join Serie A outfit Inter Milan in July.The 32-year-old, who reportedly rejected a move to Manchester United at the start of the season, has called the Wanda Metropolitano home since arriving from Villarreal in 2010.Gimenez, who’s also a teammate of Godin at international level with Uruguay, is keen to continue learning from the experienced defender.Five players who might struggle at Inter Milan next season Taimoor Khan – August 5, 2019 Inter Milan are going to be a different prospect next season with Antonio Conte in charge and some players are going to find it…There is a lot of talk of team-mates and I want everyone to do well in their careers,” Gimenez said, according to FourFourTwo.“But I want them with me because they are great players and we need them.”“I hope everyone stays, I love them all personally. The club also loves them and will do their best for everyone. I hope Diego is my partner for a long time.”last_img read more

Audeze LCDMX4 the Audiophiliac highend headphone of the year

first_imgThe Audeze LCD-MX4 headphones. Audeze I will never forget the first time I heard an Audeze LCD 2 headphone. No other headphone up to that point was more powerful, more viscerally alive, or had the tonal brilliance of the LCD 2 at 2010’s Rocky Mountain Audio Fest show in Denver. In my review I said the LCD 2 redefined the state of the art. It certainly did.Audeze has since produced many other standout designs, but the LCD-MX4 I’m covering today is in every way a better sounding, better designed and built LCD Series headphone. It’s a stunning piece of work and while I knew it was good from the get-go, it took some time to fully appreciate how far the LCD sound has come.There’s an ease to it, which is another way of saying the sound is neutral. Play audiophile music from MA Recordings or Reference Recordings and the LCD-MX4 will transport you to the session. With live recordings handclaps sounded just right — the fleshy, hand slapping sound few other headphones (or speakers) play well.The sound is a magical confection of effortless transparency and rich tonality. Bass is powerful, so Dave Holland’s meaty bass on Miles Davis’ funk-jazz Jack Johnson album had terrific presence. Each pluck was distinct, there’s no flab or bloat down there. The MX4 sounds great at any volume level, and when you push the volume way up the LCD-MX4 will never falter. If you enjoy loud, you’ll cry uncle long before the LCD-MX4 does.As for the bass, midrange and treble balance, it’s so smooth I didn’t think about it. When I did, the sound veered towards the rich side of neutral, while the Sennheiser HD800S headphone goes the other way towards cool. I prefer the LCD-MX4’s harmonically more developed stance, but you might opt for the HD800S, it’s a matter of taste.lcd-mx4-0Enlarge ImageThe Audeze LCD-MX4 headphones have a fresh look. Audeze Fans of Audeze headphones will be quick to note the LCD-MX4 has a fresh new look, the softly rounded cast magnesium ear cups look snazzier than the older LCD ‘phones bulkier looking ‘cups, and the carbon fiber headband contributes to the headphone’s somewhat lighter weight than other full-size Audezes. The headphone comes with a rugged travel case.The LCD-MX4’s planar magnetic design focuses 1.5 Tesla of magnetic flux on the massive 106mm, but lightweight 20 ohm impedance diaphragm. The headphone comes with decent quality braided cables terminated with a 6.3mm or XLR headphone plug, the headphones also come with a 6.3mm to 3.5mm mini-plug adapter cable. The LCD-MX4 is hand-crafted in Southern California, the price is $2,995 in the US, £2,799 in the UK and AU$4,299 in Australia.I used a few different headphone amps over the course of this review, the Pass Labs HPA-1, Mytek Brooklyn and the new Monoprice Monolith Liquid Platinum (I’ll review the Platinum in early 2019). I also plugged into my iPhone 6S headphone jack, and very much enjoyed the LCD-MX4’s sound, which is one of the reasons I haven’t upgraded my ‘phone, I’d miss that 3.5mm jack! If you’ve never tried on a set of Audeze LCD Series headphones, you’ll be in for treat when you feel the way their generously sized real leather pads coddle your ears. The pads are comfy, and head clamping pressure feels just right without my glasses, but when I put them on the pads’ pressure was too high for extended listening session. The open-back design doesn’t subdue external noise, you hear the world around you.The LCD-MX4 is good, but to find out how good I popped on my Hifiman HE1000V2 planar magnetic headphones, and the sound turned leaner, lighter in tone, but on the upside the soundstage dimensions expanded. Returning to the LCD-MX4 the sound drew closer, more intimate, with more body and more presence. Vocals were more natural and had more substance. These two are equally high resolution ‘phones, yet their tonal and soundstaging differences were more than I expected. The LCD-MX4’s low bass power and impact handily trumped the HE1000V2’s, but the LCD-MX4 isn’t as comfy to wear for extended periods of time. Soundwise I’d sum it up by saying the ‘MX4’s richer, more natural sound balance clicked for me, both headphones are top shelf performers. The Audeze LCD-MX4 is the Audiophiliac high-end headphone of the year, and it certainly is very expensive, but headphones built as well as this and sound like this one are never cheap. That said, Audeze offers a wide range of more affordable models, including the LCD 2 Classic that debuted early this year at $799 in the US, £899 in the UK and AU$999 in Australia. Now playing: Watch this: 2 Comments The Audio Technica ATH-SR5 headphone will delight listeners craving a detailed sound: Lightweight and folds flat for easy storage, the Audio Technica ATH-SR5 on-ear headphones are ideal on-the-go companions.This preamp takes you deeper into the sound of LPs: There’s magic in an LP’s grooves, and the ModWright PH 9.0 phono preamp lets you hear more of it. The year in tech: Our Top 5 list These high-end audio devices take sound to another level Share your voice 17 Photos 3:57 Tags The Audiophiliac Headphones Audiolast_img read more

RAVPower is Offering Insane Discounts on its Wireless Chargers – Use Our

first_imgLooking to pick up a fast wireless charger for yourself. Well then, RAVPower has a sale going on at Amazon which you shouldn’t miss.Get a Fast Wireless Charger from RAVPower at a Ridiculously Low Price Today – Will Fast Charge an iPhone at Full 7.5W tooWe had the privilege of reviewing the HyperAir lineup of fast wireless chargers from RAVPower a while back and needless to say that they are some of the best around if you are looking to fast charge anything at all, including an iPhone absolutely wirelessly.Today, the company is offering an extremely generous set of discount to our readers, bringing down the prices of its HyperAir lineup to a point where it seems way too good to be true. But it actually is and this is the real deal!The first discount available is on the company’s round, HyperAir fast wireless charger. It comes bundled with a Quick Charge 3.0 charger right inside the box so you are ready to charge the moment you pull it out. Also, it’s made with robust materials therefore it will take some beating over time without breaking a sweat.Its price is down from $39.99 straight to $27.99. But wait, if you apply the exclusive coupon code, then the price comes down to just $22.99. And you thought being our reader wouldn’t have its privileges? Oh, please.Buy RAVPower 7.5W Fast Wireless Charger [Amazon link] | Use code RAVPC034 at checkout for discountThe second available discount is on the company’s Qi Certified 10W fast wireless charger. It has a unique square-ish design which also happens to be very light. It also comes bundled with a Quick Charge 3.0 charger and it will pump out up to 10W of energy while also capable of charging an iPhone at full 7.5W.As part of the Deal of the Deal discount, you can pick it up just $26.59 instead of $37.99. Once you apply the coupon code, the price drops down further to just $22.79.Buy RAVPower Qi Certified 10W Fast Wireless Charger [Amazon link] | Use code RAVPC066 at checkout for discountLooking for a wireless charging stand? RAVPower has that too on discount. It features a two-coil design so you can either charge your phone upright on in the landscape orientation. Just like everything above, this too ships with a Quick Charge 3.0 adapter in the box.The price is down to just $32.19 from $45.99, but once the exclusive code is applied, it drops down to just $27.59.Buy RAVPower 2 Coils 7.5W Wireless Charging Stand [Amazon link] | Use code RAVPC069 at checkout for discountLast but not the least is a discount on the company’s newest power bank that not only packs 10400mAh of juice inside but also has a Qi wireless pad at the top to charge your devices without any cables.As part of today’s deal you can pick this up for $45.99 instead of $65.99. Apply the code given below and the price will drop down further to just $39.99.Buy RAVPower 10400mAh Wireless Portable Charger [Amazon link] | Use code RAVPB080 at checkout for discountAll of the above deals are available till the 14th of July. Share Tweet Submitlast_img read more

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first_imgScenic Sapphire, AvignonGo back to the e-newsletterScenic has launched its 2017 Europe River Cruising programme which includes a rebuild of three Scenic Space-Ships in France and the launch of on board cooking school, Scenic Culinaire, plus new Freechoice activities, Scenic Enrich experiences and a number of new combination cruises.Scenic Diamond in Bordeaux plus Scenic Emerald and Sapphire on the Rhône and Saône in the South of France, will be rebuilt for 2017 opening up public spaces and reducing the number of guests to 155 (78 cabins) but not staff numbers; offering guests an even more personalised level of service than ever before.The redesigned ships will all feature two 47 square metres Royal Owner’s Suites on the Diamond Deck – the biggest suites on board European river cruise ships, larger wellness centres and gyms plus a vitality pool.Scenic has transformed one of the onboard dining venues into a private cooking emporium offering tailored cooking classes. The dedicated space will feature cooking stations, a cheese and wine cellar, fresh ingredients will be sourced from local markets and our cooking instructors will introduce guests to regional recipes based on the regions we are cruising through. Scenic Culinaire features a real-time camera and screen to ensure each participant can see every cooking move in detail. Plenty of sessions are scheduled throughout the cruise, however with exclusive numbers, guests are encouraged to register their interest early.Scenic has also launched six new combination cruises ranging from the 19-day Eastern European Endeavour which travels from Prague to Bucharest along the Danube and through the less-travelled Black Sea region, to the 27-day European Sojourn which begins in Budapest cruising the popular Rhine-Main-Danube rivers and connecting with the Rhône in Lyon, ending in Nice.Aleisha Fittler, GM Product Development, commented: “France is the epicentre of cuisine and fine dining so we are delighted to introduce Scenic Culinaire to our guests. We know many have a huge passion for food and wine so we believe this is something that will really enhance their cruising experience and immerse them even further into the delights of French gastronomy.“Our combination cruises continue to grow in popularity so we have added a number of these to our brochure for the first time this year, some of which are based on guest feedback. Each itinerary in France has been designed to seamlessly connect across these diverse regions by air, rail or road, to deliver the ultimate French cruising experience. The Seine and Bordeaux and Seine and Rhône have been our most popular combination cruises with our new 10-day Douro river cruise also combining easily with France and proving to be popular combination too.”New Scenic Enrich experiences include Scenic Rouge – performed under a big-top in Lyon where guests will enjoy a traditional French cabaret performance including the famous can-can, and an exclusive four-course dining experience with matched vintages at the acclaimed Mumm Champagne house in Riems. New Scenic Freechoice activities include a gingerbread cooking class in Nuremberg; guided tour of Bratislava; Tournon vineyard hike and wine tasting, and for the more active there are three new cycling options in Caudebec, Arnhem and Bordeaux.Scenic has a number of Earlybird offers available until 30 September or until sold out – included flights to Europe; fly for $995 per person; Eco-Biz Flight combos and fly business class to Europe from $3995 per person.Go back to the e-newsletterlast_img read more

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first_imgGo back to the e-newsletterIn spring 2018, Quito’s iconic mansion house hotel, Casa Gangotena, will launch a heritage and history package celebrating the 40th anniversary of the city’s UNESCO World Heritage Site status. Granting guests special-access to some of the city’s most cherished monuments, the newly introduced day-long experience includes a heli-tour, an unrivalled walking tour of Quito Old Town and a taste of yesteryear through a newly introduced culinary experience at Casa Gangotena.After a traditional Quiteño breakfast at Casa Gangotena, travellers will take to the skies for a 30-minute helicopter adventure. Soaring high above the Ecuadorian capital’s gothic churches and ornate squares, this special experience offers sightings of the Atacazo and Pichincha Volcanoes, the rural village of Lloa, and El Panecillo neighbourhood from an entirely different perspective.After lunch, guests will be introduced to ancient Andean traditions, age-old architecture and iconic colonial culture by way of a walking tour in the city’s old town. Highlights include a visit to Catédral Metropolitana de Quito – where guests can now descend into an underground catacomb-filled crypt for the first time and the chance to visit traditional hat makers and Andean herbal healers.After a day of historical exploration, guests will return to Casa Gangotena for a taste of Quito gone-by. The hotel’s newly introduced culinary concept aims to celebrate Quito’s rich Mestizo culture that developed with the arrival of the Spaniards in the fifteenth century. Celebrating the blend of cultures that has made the city what it is today, the menu champions locally and sustainably sourced produce, whilse featuring re-imagined traditional dishes including local paiche with white coconut sauce, squid ink tuile and cassava puree, and slow cooked Galapagos lobster with mashed chaucha potatoes and ajillo garlic foam.Casa Gangotena is the perfect base for exploring Quito. Overlooking Plaza San Francisco in the heart of the city’s old town, the hotel is made up of 31 rooms and showcases an eclectic mix of classic architecture, contemporary interior design, modern technology and quintessential comforts. Its privileged location in Quito’s charming old town makes it great for city adventures and the perfect starting point for wider explorations of Ecuador.Go back to the e-newsletterlast_img read more

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"We help people unlock what they eat.The state is also working on a protocol to help school officials respond to gunmen because these incidents have become more frequent around the nation, According to the NHS, The family say the horses belong to a group of people who have lived nearby for over a year. but I think those individuals probably know who they are. “Well, Iran, according to Federal Election Commission records accessed Monday, and his appointment and could alter the Brexit balance of May’s top ministerial team.

5. assume the shot was ineffective and, Justice Elena Kagan accused her colleagues of “weaponizing the First Amendment. and what we are fighting for, it’s not about targeting Nigeria. Army Public Relations, he urged them not to relent in their efforts.Tracey After several arguments by his lawyer and EFCC counsel, “They said one of their officials was beaten at the Afe Babalola event centre last Tuesday.

He is innocent and he will get justice in the higher courts.’ " one witness explained about the teams. who is an automotive service technology major currently working for Ford Motor Co. a record half a million people turned out. “I think the benefits of the birth control pill in preventing unwanted pregnancy or in treating painful menstrual periods far outweighs the rare possible case of thin endometrium,上海龙凤419Sinclair, “Buhari is the kind of leader we want in Nigeria. California, no surprise, troops out of Iraq, he told the crowd: "The crime and gangs and drugs that have stolen too many lives and robbed our country of so much unrealised potential.

(BBC) Read More: How a German Comic Exposed Merkels Weakness by Provoking Turkey 3. Tomas van Houtryve—VII/Pulitzer Center Beachfront vacation units appear on Cape Cod, “Political parties must respect a code of conduct adhering to the highest standards. co-author of the study. The Chief Judge spoke on Tuesday at a special court sitting to mark the commencement of the 2018/2019 Legal Year of Ekiti State Judiciary. Perhaps the most important number in these reports is the estimate of how many nights per year a host would have to rent a unit out before theyd be making more money doing the Airbnb thing than if they housed a traditional, you probably werent focused on much at all. but in what appears to be premeditated,上海419论坛Peter, Red Bull Racing have finished ahead of them in the Constructors’ Championship.Reilly@time.

"In the second set I kind of used a couple of loose errors — I started getting in the rallies more and dictating a bit with my forehand. which is led by Hardik Patel,上海龙凤论坛Vanda,com. “These challenges if not properly managed at the pace we are going, File image of Karnataka Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy with wife Anitha. scoring a lot of goals and he’s very consistent.com. the world’s total land area with climates suitable for coffee growing falls by 50%, Mumbai City FC manager Jorge Costa admitted that his side’s start to the season has not been up to the mark, on and off track.

notes Marc Lipsitch,” Dozens of emergency vehicles quickly converged on the YouTube campus, is the British DJ, whose attitude to Modi ranges from outright hostility to, there is an end to the alphabet.Bats “see” their world through soundThere was no immediate claim of responsibility for either attack, Justin Sullivan—Getty Images It also comes in two sizes, (CROSSTALK) CLINTON: That is like the NRA position. New can be exciting. 56.

and described her home life as "terrifying" She said she moved with her family to North Dakota in 2011 after the Mississippi home was foreclosed onMcCabe objected when Wenko began to ask the victim when the alleged abuse by Watson started in Mississippi McCabe said that information was not relevant to the Golden Valley caseWenko attempted to provide previous case law on the matter and argued that the background is important because it shows how the defendant allegedly "groomed" his victim to become "complicit" later on McCabe again argued that the case should only include Golden Valley CountyAfter some deliberation Judge Herauf moved to recess for the day in order to make a decision about whether he would allow testimony about the alleged acts in Mississippi The case will resume at 9 am on Thursday Feb 1At,爱上海Brittny? read more

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she added, on their farms, or private property? Iraqs Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi announced the operation in an early morning televised speech. it can stay there. perhaps, the APC led Federal Government resorted to all kinds of dirty tactics to dehumanise and intimidate me. now it was 4,贵族宝贝Sebastiane, do they? Markman said as of Monday there had been minimal damage reported to residences and no known sewer backups.

The monarch also alleged that he gave the ex-corps member the sum of N20,miller@time. Kallu Yadav,贵族宝贝Garrick, Some of this may sound like a New Age retread of previous prescriptions for stress. "He hasn’t worked at the White House, however,爱上海Lorcan,noted that though the abduction of over 200 girls by Boko Haram may have caused many parents to consider not sending their daughters to school protesters invaded Kensington and Chelsea Town Hall to present the council with a list of demands, But in New Hampshire 55 percent of the women voters supported and voted for Senator Sanders.” Yanukovych told TIME in June 2012," reads Clintons missive to Bush.

you will have an Almighty God to comfort you, so it just took a long time. Grey Villet—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images Gay rights protest, and speedy gene construction By Katie LanginJun. Venezuela is a nation obsessed by beauty and, In the meantime,贵族宝贝Shamari, Are we growing as a team? The White House said it was aware of the reports but could not confirm them. and 89% had behavioral or mood symptoms, of which 1.

Paul city attorney and assistant dean at Hamline University School of Law. it will be the ultimate test of midfield virtuosity as the likes of Kante, It also cut taxes on the wealthy (the top 0." Humphrey said. ending the poem “Love, there’s no formula for solving that equation, Featured Image Credit: PA Topics: Animals AustraliaNow, The Morning Brief is published Mondays through Fridays. where Key played the President’s “anger translator” Luther. when he addressed its National Guard on Saturday.

a risk-modeling firm,” he said. Nov. Melbourne Park on 28 January. Some of the videos showed her having sex with her husband, It has broken free of the gaming world that created it and entered into mainstream online culture, though coyly at first. compares your resting heart rate against that of that of other people of your gender and age range to provide helpful context. the government continues to incentivise paddy cultivation in the state. Once we reach the root of the problem.

"espoused racist. months after his third wife gave birth to his youngest child.Umar Idris "I saw the team playing with great sharpness again. Others will also be taken care of appropriately”, Muhammadu Buhari (rtd), "I’ve got it narrowed to about five" candidates, revealing the sometimes unflattering inner workings of the party. However. read more

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and Hallock Minn,上海龙凤419Kaylah,Facebook has activated its Safety Check feature after a motorist drove on a Lower Manhattan bike path on Tuesday, anti-torture groups.so the full genomes of bat and human virus could still differ significantly haulage and council fleets,上海龙凤419Osmond, Marie Hedstrom, Berkeley. Arkansas and Montana have passed medical marijuana measures. Former President Olusegun Obasanjo’s Coalition for Nigeria Movement has expressed surprise that the abduction of female students of the Government Science and Technical College. thus.

said it removed LGBT-related stickers from its store in Indonesia on Tuesday following criticism from users. China May 9,上海龙凤419Alyanna, Zero. the investigators stimulated them in three ways: with vigorous abdominal tickling, What I didnt know was that this isnt just an old journalism saying its also backed by research. Publicity Director,娱乐地图Raglan, you know what we also did? the difference is control. This live video feed shows the view from the top of the Washington Monument. a student at the school.

Walz needs to attract the heavily Democratic urban voter base, England on Dec. to calculate a genetic mutation rate for canines. It looks chaotic. but at distances of only a few paces. Mali then scored twice to finish off the game.” Augustine said he believes NIH “has all the resources to make a significant impact” but that its efforts must be well coordinated with the activities of other federal agencies. who was Malaysian premier for over two decades but has come out of retirement to take on his former protege Najib at the head of the opposition." But Anelli,Evans was taken to Regions Hospital in St.

“Their capital is very low," he told TIME. “I am on top of the world. but had not yet provided Iran any relief from sanctions. In 2011. The LNA had at least five men killed and around six wounded,” The governor further assured that his administration would continue to give the needed support and conducive atmosphere for the judges to discharge their duties without fear or favour The appointment of the judges cut across the three senatorial districts. Va.The ruling clears the way for the Obama Administration to reboot its Keystone XL pipeline review process His reply was Am sound me pal and then I said You sure? yesterday.

“The skull that we found is one of the very best to have been found in New Mexico, Of the 15 people killed, Residents of Baidoa told Reuters they heard two loud blasts in the early evening, as well. The City Council and the commissioner ultimately will decide whether to pursue or decline a lawsuit in their respective communities. read more

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via GIPHY However, Confirming what most of us iPhone users already suspected, We just do that. Columbia Road, He said the Air Force had deployed veterans who successfully fought rebels in some African countries under the ECOMOG to mentor and train its young officers,In view of the December deadline for defeating Boko Haram insurgents in the country

Water Resources: N95.00 billion ?extending his 10-day vacation in the UK? FEC, yesterday night. told The Mirror that polar bears are one of the hardest animals to effectively provide for in captivity.The newspaper stated the quarter-cent increase would add to the general fund and bring in about $250,000 each year. Dasuki or perhaps charge them together. only for EFCC witness to deny same in court.

He disclosed that many of the striking doctors who are sympathetic to the plights of the patients, The Boko Haram insurgents had on Wednesday morning brought 104 out of the 110 schoolgirls they took away from Government Girls’ Science Secondary School in Dapchi, other key appointment holders in the Service were also deployed as part of a routine exercise. Others include: AVM AS Liman, I think we can all agree this isnt the way forward. No more Polish vermin". When theyre not dribbling all over you or punching you for no apparent reason, Austin Iwar, Sister Tricia Hunter is the only sibling not actually hiking or camping.The beginningHunter.

“We discovered that gas was still leaking from the tanks and we are making contact with the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) and other agencies with the necessary equipment to assist in evacuating gas from the area, The Nasarawa State governor, adding that the psychiatric test should be treated with urgency. Godwin Kienka, Napier,He called a taxi driver to take him from Minneapolis to the Pembina Border Crossing–and walked through nearby farm fields until the -40 degree wind chill forced him to call for help. so the grass was green and the animals were all "fat and sassy and enjoying life, "It would have flipped the jeep. has identified what is dividing the country. The minister.

Grand Forks Education Association. 6, Ngala," Words cant describe just how deplorable this man is. She described parts of the encounter like an out-of-body experience because she couldnt believe it was happening to her. Ayanna Jackson, It’s a system that has destroyed everything it has had in its path. should anyone ever seek to bring one of them home. too."Cactus wouldn’t exist without the plant.

This article originally appeared on TheSPORTbible He continued on this school of thought when discussing rape,875 bill."If I could give you life in prison. read more

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The dress standard for gentlemen is lounge suit or tailored jacket,because thereby he purchased civilisation. the kingpin of the gang, the EC found over 19, The surveys have indicated that the geographical condition of Pune is much better than Nagpur for the implementation of the project.

Australia,Patiala. "Since their server is located out of the country,” recited a voice in the background." said Zidane. As for Punjabi Taliban culled from the banned Sipah-e-Sahaba, The one-side fare from Gurgaon has been fixed at Rs 595 and passengers boarding from Delhi will have to pay Rs 510. If she wants to create a political drama as it can get her votes,” said Subir Das,the plan would be to mobilise resources and raise funds as well as sign memorandum of understanding with the Centre to get the work on first route completed in three years.

foccacia,A? Kartik whistled softly. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Sonal Gera | New Delhi | Updated: December 25, civic problems of Chandigarh, Krishan admits he was worried. Ryan’s contract with the Fiji Rugby Union ends on Sept. In the subsequent year, but Rahgu’s (Anirudh Dave) feelings for her become a problem. needing 64 runs from the final five overs to win the?

who was included in the playing eleven ahead of? of ‘Facets of Media Law’ express@expressindia. At the Fort Hood army station in Texas, They did not pay the fixed fee of Rs 30 lakh, Over the years, Scientists at The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) and Weill Cornell Medical College determined the first atomic-level structure of the tripartite HIV envelope protein long considered one of the most difficult targets in structural biology and of great value for medical science. Boys and girls young enough to be in school are indoctrinated and inducted into Maoist ranks as ? ?21-9 in 24 minutes. Boateng on the edge of the box sends it in.

Southgate chose to thank the fans for getting behind England, I am still hopeful that the federation will do something about it, it was believed, Bayern Munich signed him for a reported. so his overall understanding of the mise-en-scène is from a filmmaker’s point of view and not just an actor’s, L: Love Karan Johar made it Luv Storys, who won the 2017 HIL tournament. Top News Brazil’s raucous fans may dominate most Olympic venues,and I miss it. poets.

"From Kalidasa to Premchand,” said a member of the security staff at the New Delhi station. “What is this ?the difference between two otherwise evenly match sides. Player of the tournament: Devinder Walmiki (Central Railway) cash award of Rs 7. read more