Valve gives us a true taste of VR using a green screen

first_imgThough virtual reality technology provides the most immersive experience a person can have playing a video game, this is an aspect that is almost impossible to explain to anyone who doesn’t have a VR device strapped around their head. Anyone using VR themselves can see what the tech is capable of, but those looking at it from the outside just see folks looking silly as they fumble about with a contraption on their face.This latest video for the HTC Vive finally solves the problem of how to show VR to the masses. In the video, we see the producers bring folks into a green screen studio to have them play on the Vive. This obviously doesn’t do anything for the person wearing the device, but to outside observers, it shows exactly what the person using VR is up to. By showing what a person playing with a VR headset experiences both in the physical and digital worlds, this video does the most effective job of selling VR to those who don’t know what it’s all about.Quite frankly, it’s kind of surprising that someone didn’t come up with this simple method of showing what VR is capable of until now. I suspect that from this moment onward, companies advertising VR hardware and games will do something similar to what is seen above. What better way to convey what virtual reality gaming represents than by showing gamers in the thick of the action?The HTC Vive is available now, and though it’s the most expensive VR headset out there (priced at $800), it’s also the most powerful VR peripheral on the market. Those who plunk down the cash to buy it won’t be short on games to play. Over on Steam, a list of available titles has been posted. This includes games like The Lab, Hover Junkers, Vanishing Realms: Rite of Steel, Elite Dangerous, and more.last_img

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