Watch an hour of Star Wars Battlefront 3 prealpha footage

first_imgNew Star Wars Battlefront 3 footage has been posted online, a whole hour’s worth of it in fact. But before you swing your lightsabers in delight, know that the footage is very early and doesn’t show this now canceled game in its best light.Back in 2009 alpha footage of the game was leaked online. It was thought this footage originated from an event in November 2008 by then developer Free Radical Design . Fans got excited – maybe it wasn’t cancelled after all, many thought. However, it emerged that due to Free Radical closing its doors, the game was canceled and was never going to see the light of day.This year some Battlefront 3 assets were discovered on the Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City disc hidden in a folder named “Luke.” It was believed that Slant Six Games had been given Battlefront 3 to finish after Free Radical closed and became a part of Crytek. Slant Six was also the developer behind Operation Raccoon City, so the file may have been put there by accident or it could have been a hint at things to come.The new footage above shows even older gameplay than what was leaked in 2009. This is pre-alpha footage, the frame rate is poor, not all of the missions work, the graphics aren’t anything special, and it’s glitchy. What we do get to see includes playable levels on Cloud City, Tatooine, and the Death Star, as well as speeder bike racing, Boba Fett as a playable character, and the fire-fights we all know and love.Even though the footage shows the game in a very early stage, it’s still sad to watch knowing the project got canned. Free Radical was even planning to make a fourth Battlefront game before they closed, but there’s nothing much we can do now other than watch the video and cry into our Stormtrooper helmets about what could have been.More at past to present online, via Eurogamerlast_img

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