If You Crave Fries Over Cake You May Have A Salt Tooth

first_img Staring at Seagulls May Help Avoid Food TheftWe Now Know the DNA of Guacamole It’s perfectly reasonable for you to have a sweet tooth, you know. Craving dessert-type food definitely isn’t anything new or unusual, but it turns out sweet food may not be the only thing people crave out there. A new study has determined that some individuals may actually have what’s colloquially known as a “salt tooth,” or a predisposition to saltier snacks thanks to a special gene.Those with a variation of the gene TAS2R48 in the study were proven more likely to consume more sodium than those without the gene, as shown off during the American Heart Association’s Scientific Sessions meeting in New Orleans on November 13. In fact, those with the gene variation were shown to be almost twice as likely to go over a daily sodium recommendation of 2,300 mg in comparison to those without it.“By identifying which gene variant a person has, we may be able to help them make better food choices through education that is personally tailored to them,” explained Ph.D. student Jennifer Smith, who studies at the University of Kentucky College of Nursing. As lead author of the study, she has also explained some of the reasoning behind a person who carries the gene’s choices.“There is some research suggesting that individuals who taste bitter more intensely may also taste salt more intensely and enjoy it more, leading to increased sodium intake,” Smith stated. “Another theory is that they use salt to mask the bitter taste of foods and thus consume more sodium.”This particular study came about as part of a plan to help reduce the risk of heart disease for residents of rural Kentucky. All 400 people participating in the study had their DNA analyzed and the results came back showing a higher risk for heart disease. The various aspects of each’s participant’s diet were examined as well, including how much fat, sugar, and alcohol each person consumed. Apparently, variations in the gene had no real effect on these parts of each individual’s diet.If you have this gene, it could explain why a massive serving of french fries often seems more appealing to you than a cupcake or bowl of ice cream. And that’s a mystery I know I’ve been trying to solve for some time now. Stay on targetlast_img

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