Panasonic wants to use your body like a LAN

first_imgYour body can transmit all kinds of things to another person — sounds, germs, emotions. Panasonic figures if it can already do all those things then it should be able to transmit data, too.This should sound like a very familiar concept to our regular Geek readers. Earlier this week I told you about a team of researchers at the Univeristy of Washington who figured out how to securely transmit authentication tokens through a person’s body.What Panasonic is showing off at CEATEC is similar, but they’re experimenting with more diverse applications. They call it the Human Body Communication Device and in the photo at the top you can see their booth attendants giving a quick demo: one woman is causing the other’s skirt to change color. With a simple grasp of the hand, the skirt changes from white to the color that’s set on the watch — in this case, pink.It’s a very simple application, but Panasonic thinks that the Human Body Communication Device has loads of potential. Take the act of exchanging contact information. Sure, it’s easy enough to tap your phones together and let NFC do the work… but if you’re going to shake hands anyway then why not let that action take care of the data transmission?It’s more secure than a wireless data exchange, too, since the information is carried over a physical medium. Sure, eventually someone might come up with a way to sniff data that’s transmitted in this way, but it should be easy enough to avoid. Hopefully you’d notice someone strange touching you or surreptitiously slapping a device on your skin.last_img

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