What its like to be shot with an AK47

first_imgWe’ve seen what it’s like when you shoot an AK-47 underwater, and we have also gotten a look at the at at 27,450 frames per second. Now, as if we’re building up a tolerance to AK-47 videos and need a quicker, stronger hit, it’s time to learn what it’s like to be shot at by an AK-47.Texas Armoring Corporation (TAC) said it receives questions on a regular basis from customers wondering if the bullet-resistant glass the company deploys in its armored vehicles can actually resist bullets. In order to dispel the notion that the glass wasn’t as resistant as the word suggests, TAC president and CEO Trent Kimball took a seat behind a slab of the bullet-resistant glass, and allowed himself to be shot at by an AK-47.Kimball’s lucky employee, Lawrence, positioned himself in front of the glass, then let three rounds loose in the blink of an eye. Kimball not only didn’t get shot in the head three times, but barely flinched — his confidence and intact brain matter finally proving that his company’s glass sure is resistant to bullets.The video is a bit old, but nonetheless, it serves its purpose: reminding us that being shot with an AK-47 is pretty terrifying, and really good company presidents and CEOs quite literally stand behind their products. Of course, we don’t recommend you buy some TAC glass and get your buddies to shoot at you for fun, but it’s nice to know that bullet-resistant glass would protect you if that’s what you’re into.last_img

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