Report Bing serves up 500 more malware than Google

first_imgBoth Google and Bing do a good job at serving up relevant search results, but one does a much better job of minimizing the danger. According to a recently concluded study, Google serves up about five times fewer malicious links than Bing.The security sleuths at have been investigating search engine results for a year and a half.  More than 40 million results were examined and 5,000 different varieties of malware pinpointed. Roughly 10 million sites were tested on both Google and Bing. While Google tripped the malware alarms just 272 times, Bing was buzzed 1285 times.Really, AV-Test’s findings aren’t all that alarming. Those malicious results account for just over 0.01 per cent of all sites tested. That’s impressive, and it shows that both Google and Bing are doing a rather good job of protecting their users.It’s true that 0.01 per cent matters when global search volumes approach three billion requests per day. Most users don’t rely solely on their search provider for protection, however. Chances are that you’re running some kind of anti-malware application. Lots of folks also use a link analysis tool like AVG’s LinkScanner or McAfee SiteAdvisor. And if you’re using a web browser that’s even close to being up to date, it’s probably got malware protection built in, too.It’s easy to think that a report like this one from AV-Test is all doom-and-gloom, but it really doesn’t change anything. On the web, it’s still caveat emptor.Danger is lurking in all kinds of dark corners, and if you’re not careful when you search for things like Kim Kardashian topless or free screensavers, there’s a good chance you’re going to trip over one of the .01% of sites that serves up malware.last_img

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