Microsoft increases security at Redmond for Xbox team

first_imgThere’s been rumors, leaks, and speculation about the next Xbox, but Microsoft hasn’t officially said a word yet. Well now they’ve sort of given the game away that a new Xbox is definitely in development (as if there were any doubt) because to avoid anymore leaks happening, they’re upping security at Microsoft HQ.Microsoft recently emailed its employees to inform them of some new security measures taking place at four important Xbox and Interactive Entertainment Business buildings. These new measures will mean only employees and trusted vendors of Microsoft’s Interactive Entertainment Business will have open access to the Redmond campus, where team Xbox resides. Any other employee or vendor will need to register online or at the campus in order to receive a visitor pass and they’ll be escorted by an Xbox employee at all times.That’s not the only change taking place — Microsoft plans to make quite a few security changes, including to document management, so certain documents can’t be leaked by untrustworthy employees or visitors.It makes sense for Microsoft to enhance security around the Xbox team, especially after their Kinect augmented reality glasses plans and environmental projection system were revealed prematurely. Microsoft obviously wants to keep its plans secret until the time is right, especially with Sony expected to launch the PS4 after the next Xbox.It’s expected that the next Xbox console will release around a year after the Wii U and therefore in time for the 2013 holidays. If that prediction is accurate then the hardware will have to be finalized by early next year so as to get production rolling. That means Microsoft will be a hive of activity playing with both the hardware and software the console will use in the coming months.via Geekwirelast_img

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