Forget dual core is Nokia going dual processor

first_imgIt seems every time I thumb through my RSS feed, I see yet another jump in processing power for mobile devices. Before the Holiday season every bit of news was about the upcoming dual core chipsets. Last week we saw news that nVidia was not only showing little sign of slowing down, but was potentially planning on releasing quad core chipsets.Microsoft is supporting Arm architecture now, nVidia is releasing Quad Core systems… what is the world coming to? Next I suppose you will tell me that Nokia is working with Arm and Symbian to support Symmetric Multi-Processor chipsets? Oh wait, that’s exactly what we’ve heard. Nokia is looking to release a tablet with dual processors, not just dual cores.A snapshot of an upcoming Nokia MeeGo tablet was compared to a previous image of a reference design for the ST-Ericsson device running SOC, which is reported to be running a par of 1.2 GHz Arm processors, and backed by Arm’s Symmetric Multi-Processor design.A design such as this brings some significant advantages over the current dual core offerings, namely the strain on software. With a dual core setup, it’s the responsibility of the overlaying software to direct the flow of instruction. A dual processor solution, on the other hand, is designed to handle the flow symmetrically and to underclock when not in use, a much more elegant solution for most situations, but much more expensive to implement. No mention of price has been brought up, as the device is still far from completion, but it is my suspicion we will see an increase in price on devices like these.Read more at Engadget.last_img

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