The 7 saddest moments from your childhood

first_img‘Somewhere Out There’ from An American TailFievel the mouse gets lost as his family emigrates from Russia to escape from an army of cruel cats. Hold me.YouTube/WarrenMark“MOTHER” from BambiOne staffer was removed from a packed cinema at the age of four because of excessive wailing during this part of the film. Understandable.YouTube/MightyMouse8D” Say goodbye Charlie” from All Dogs go to HeavenThey do you know? Or else they go to a lovely farmYouTube/CharlieBarkinThe start of Up from UpThis is going to make it into lists of ‘saddest things ever’ for hundreds of years, nay, thousands.YouTube/CornerChurchThe death of Littlefoot’s mother from The Land Before Time This is almost too much. Too much.Greyfriar’s BobbyThe true story of a dog who spent 14 years guarding the grave of his master.YouTube/Helen1434“He can’t see without his glasses” from My Girl Poor Thomas JYouTube/JackyMovieClips057625 years of Irish Film – through Film Ireland covers>VIDEO: Kids REALLY aren’t happy with ending of Disney movie>last_img

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