Almost 80 per cent against Irish support for war in Syria

first_imgPANA Chairman Roger Cole said that the poll results show that support for neutrality is now “deepening rather than weakening.”“Approximately 8 in 10 Irish people are now in favour of neutrality which is roughly the same number of people who believe Ireland should not support a war on Syria without a UN mandate. This Syrian conflict has displaced millions with the UN describing it as the worst humanitarian crisis in nearly twenty years,” he said.Read: Irish anti-war activists to hold meeting ahead of planned protest >Read: UN chief: Report confirms chemical weapons “war crime” in Syria >Read: ‘Legal violations’ caused by US military and CIA use of Shannon Airport outlined in new booklet > ALMOST EIGHTY PER cent of Irish people say the Government should not support military intervention in Syria without a UN mandate according to a new poll.The poll carried out by Red C was commissioned by the Peace and Neutrality Alliance (PANA) and also showed that an almost identical number of Irish adults believe that Ireland should have a policy of military neutrality.The 1,000 respondents were given a number of different options as to what extent they agreed with a variety of statements with Red C using the information to gauge sentiment.The research found that 79 per cent of Irish people agreed that the country “should not support a war on Syria without a UN mandate”. Only 22 per cent surveyed supported sending arms to anti-Assad forces.NeutralityWhen asked whether ‘Ireland should have a policy of neutrality’ there was 78 per cent agreement. 61 per cent said that Irish troops should not now be sent to Syria.last_img

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