Trial of Gdim Izik Defendants Postponed Until December 26

Rabat – 24 defendants charged with brutally killing law enforcement officers in the Gdim Izik camp while they were performing their duties have had their sentencing hearing postponed to December 26, 2016, according to Spanish news agency EFE. The same source reported that the public prosecutor announced on November 24 that the hearing will take place in the criminal chamber of Rabat’s Court of Appeals.The incident of the Gdim Izik camp took place during the months of October and November 2010, after a group of Sahraouis set up tent in the outskirts of Laayoune as a way to protest against unemployment and opportunities in the city. After a sting of unsuccessful discussions with the protesters, Moroccan authorities moved to dismantle the camp peacefully in a bid to impose the respect of law and the preservation of public order.Morocco’s law enforcement officers was instructed to avoid opening fire or causing damages. However, some Polisario extremists capitalized on the peaceful protest to cause anarchy by attacking the security forces with gas bottles, knives, swords, incendiary bottles and stones. They killed 11 law enforcement officers, a firefighter and civilians. They also injured 70 other people and damaged public property.

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