Sony Announces a New 135mm G Master Lens at F1.8

first_imgSony is giving Canon a run for it’s money with this beautiful new 135mm addition to their G Master line of lenses.When you think of quality lenses, you don’t typically think of Sony. For a long time, when you saw a Sony body, there was a good chance that you would also see a E-EF Metabones adapter for Canon lenses. But in 2016, Sony recognized their consumers’ habits, and they decided to release a premium line of lenses to accompany their G-series line: the G Master line.Just this past week, Sony announced a 135mm addition to its G Master line with an impressive F1.8 aperture. With new gear comes new specs, so let’s take a look at what they included in this new lens.Bokeh and Autofocus AbilitiesThis lens is actually impressively compact for a 135mm lens, coming in at 33.6 oz and only 5 inches long. It fits well on a Sony camera, and the build quality makes it sit pretty when coupled with something like an A7s.The autofocus capabilities of Sony lenses are a big draw for the brand, and this lens is no exception. Its autofocus works very well for a long lens, and the depth that comes with its F1.8 aperture is almost like getting a professional-level shot with one click of a button. (Speaking of buttons, this lens comes with an autofocus button directly on the lens for even faster focusing.)For up-close product shots, the lens also boasts a 2.3ft minimum focus distance.According to Sony, creating good bokeh within the lens was a very important part of its design. Its bokeh are smooth and clear, compared to some other lenses that may distort the bokeh. Here’s what Sony says about their design:The extremely high surface precision of XA elements, careful control of spherical aberration at both the design and the manufacturing stages, and an 11-blade circular aperture all come together to produce spectacularly smooth, elegant G Master bokeh that maximizes the creative potential of the narrow depth of field available with this 135mm F1.8 lens.For a portrait or wedding photographer, this lens is a no-brainer for a quick shallow-DOF shot. For videographers, the autofocus is the real deal. It’s great for run-and-gun shoots that don’t leave a lot of room for mistakes, such as a wedding or a big event.The Sony G Master 135mm will be available soon for $1,899.99.All images via PixelShift.Looking for more articles on filmmaking and photography gear? Check these out.Industry Trends: The Most Popular Gear Rentals of 2018Hands-On Review: G-Technology’s G-Drive Mobile Pro SSDHands-On Review: The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4KBuyer’s Guide: The Best Macro Lenses on the MarketAre Quantum Image Sensors the Future for Video Recording?last_img

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