1,000,000 Reasons to Get Outside Now Hidden Throughout the U.S.

first_imgEach square represents a cluster of geocachesA milestone 14-years in the making reached yesterday at 7:45 am as the millionth geocache was published in the U.S.1,000,000 reasons for Americans to get off the couch and explore their neighborhoods are waiting to be discovered and some are likely within walking distance. Geocaching.com launched in 2000, listing just 75 hidden geocaches. As of 7:45 am EST on Sunday, September 14, the 1,000,000th active geocache in the U.S. was published on Geocaching.com. The 1,000,000th active geocache is called Daddy’s Fishing Hole, located near Chambersburg, Pennsylvania.As of 9:00 am PCT on Monday, September 15, the 1,000,000th geocache has only been found only three times. To celebrate the 1,000,000th active geocache in the United States, the staff at Geocaching.com named the top 8 most amazing geocaches for beginners in the U.S.The 8 Most Amazing Geocaches for Beginners in the U.S. Geocaching is increasingly popular with families Geocachers occasionally arrange their geocache hides in the form of county-sized art. There are currently 2,487,221 active geocaches hidden around the world – in 2013 alone geocachers were found 75,453,001 times. Follow the yellow brick road to this geocache in Saratoga, Springs, NY. Texas A&M just published an independent, CDC-funded study on the health benefits of geocaching. Geocaches can be found in all 50 US states SharePrint RelatedThe Two Millionth Active Geocache – Overwatch #1 (GC46N4E) – Geocache of the WeekMarch 6, 2013In “Community”Celebrate the evolution of geocaching with the Big Blue Switch souvenir!April 25, 2017In “Community”Stone Park Jamshidieh GC2QDY1 GEOCACHE OF THE WEEK – April 30, 2012April 30, 2012In “Community” Share with your Friends:More Geocachers in Hershey, PA will be able to channel their inner Indiana Jones with this adventure. One AA battery is all new geocachers in Seattle, WA need to unlock this geocache. Just outside Milwaukee, WI, adventure-seekers will have a little extra help from some geocaching chickens. Geocaching events will be held near each of the sites the weekend of the September 20 to cheer on the 1,000,000th geocache and welcome new geocachers to the adventure. Expert geocachers will attend each of the geocaching events to guide new people through the free adventure. They’ll also give insider tips and tricks, and help find the geocache. New geocachers should register for the events and anyone can find a geocache near them now.There are more than 6,000 hidden geocaches in Alaska aloneMore than 2,000 hidden geocaches are waiting to be found across Hawaii Germany is second to the U.S. in active geocaches with 325,000. California holds the record for the state with the most active geocaches, boasting more than 130,000 hidden geocaches. The oldest active geocache in the U.S.. published in May of 2000, is located in Mingo, Kansas. Nearly 11 million people have registered for accounts on Geocaching.com since 2000. Visitors to Blackshear, GA can discover a newspaper box that’s out of the ordinary. Visitors to Fremont, CA, will learn the best way to catch a geocacher (and it might just involve a giant mouse trap). Geocache containers can look like almost anything… they should never be buried and should always be clearly labeled.Most people in the U.S. walk or drive by dozens of hidden geocaches nearly every day  Congratulate the 1,000,000th geocache owners in comments below! Unlock a 1890’s history lesson involving Moon Towers in Austin, TX. Stop by Denver, CO to find a geocache that’s a puzzle and a fashion statement.last_img

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