Cats doing well after being abandoned at SPCA gate and parks

first_imgPhoto Courtesy: North Peace SPCAPhoto Courtesy: North Peace SPCAFORT ST.JOHN – The Fort St. John SPCA has had a busy week after a box of kittens was left abandoned at the gate of the North Peace Branch of the SPCA and another found behind a school.Candace Buchamer, Branch Manager at the North Peace branch, says that the kittens are doing well after being found by her after a fundraiser when she had a feeling to go back to the shelter.“They are doing really well. We had a few concerns because they were very dirty and the box they were in was unfortunately quite soiled. Whether they panicked or how long they had been in there. Other then that, they are doing really well. They have actually put on a good amount of weight already as well.”- Advertisement -She says they have a foster home coming to pick up the kittens this evening and that way they can get proper socialization with people and even some socializing with some bigger cats. The SPCA thinks the kittens are around 5 weeks old at the moment. Buchamer says they will hold the kittens for another 3 weeks, and then adopt them out when they are 8 weeks old.There is no idea at the moment who left the kittens at the gate. Buchamer says that they have only had one tip from a husband and wife who drove by around 6:30 and saw the box and thought it was donations. She says when she pulled up to the gate, she also thought it was a box of donations for the shelter.Advertisement She says she is unsure if a mother cat was in the box as well, as the box had quite a large rip on the corner. She says it also could have been a ventilation hole for the kittens.There was also a black cat that was left abandoned in a box in the trees behind Dr. Kearney school. That cat is doing well, and he has been rehoused already. The people that found him kept him in foster and it sounds like one of the family friends is going to take him according to Buchamer.In July, it is estimated that there was a 18% increase in abandoned animals. She understands a lot of people are in tough times because of the economy, but in terms of abandonment, all you have to do is call the SPCA and they can work on finding a foster home in 24 to 72 hours.There is no truth to rumors that you have to pay fees to surrender animals either. Buchamer says they constantly hear that people think they have to pay a fee to give up the animal. The only thing the SPCA needs is time to find the animal a new home or foster home. She also echoed that you won’t be blacklisted from getting another animal because you gave up previous animals. Buchamer says that if she hadn’t gotten to the shelter when she did, they would have been alone for 20 hours until they were found. She noticed on the tape that someone had left a message on the box that said that the cats had been abandoned by someone who moved. She feared if the kittens were left by themselves and not found, they could have crawled out and got hit by a car, or eaten by another animal. There is a fox whole in close proximity to the shelter.Buchamer also pointed out that it is frustrating that they couldn’t bring the kittens in 2 hours before when the shelter was open.She says there are no fees for bringing in animals that people don’t want to take care of.“In the 17 years I’ve been working here, there has never been fees for bringing an animal in in that fashion. I guess without knowing everything that is going on, on their end of the situation, we don’t know why the brought them that way. My concern is always, it doesn’t matter if it is at our gate or not, it is just as easy for a stray dog to come along and hurt them or for the kittens to get out of the box.”Advertisementlast_img

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