LIB Life: Top Shockers So Far

first_imgEvery story has two sides, either positive or negative. In the case of the artists, bloggers and managers in this piece, it is still too soon to determine if their actions were right or wrong. As the saying goes ‘not everything that glitters is gold,’ so likewise in the entertainment industry not every story about an artist will make him or her famous.From artists ditching their managers, which rocked the entertainment industry, to romantic splits, and other shocking news, we list below the four stories/rumor-mills that really hit the hardest:4. Appearing in fourth place is DenG and former manger Alice Yawo, again. Before their recent split the pair once had a bitter exchange of words on social media over Alice’s criticism of the quality of the Put Foot video, saying it did not meet her expectation.This was the beginning of their bad blood.However, DenG responded by saying that her behavior was unprofessional, that even if she had a problem with the video, the issue should have been settled quietly and privately, not discussing it on social media.3. Sitting at third place is popular female blogger Berenice Mulubah and celebrated Liberian rapper Jon Bricks, who headed for splitsville, intimately and professionally, months ago.Before the break-up, Mulubah was Bricks’ manager, but he claimed that she never was his manager, that they were only intimately involved.The news of the break-up was one of the most talked about topics on social media, with many speculating that the split came as a result of Bricks possibly being in a new relationship.But it’s not entirely over for the pair as there still remain legal issues between them regarding Zama Records International, a jointly owned record label registered in the U.S. state of North Carolina2. Appearing again at second, it is very sad to say that DenG and Alice Yawo’s professional split was a near-deadly shocker; and for days after the unexpected split, people pleaded with them to reconsider the decision and reunite.The split came after DenG, returning from his successful U.S. tour three months ago, was notified by Alice calling for the break-up.She accused DenG of not giving her the necessary respect and appreciation that she deserved after sacrificing so much for him. She said later that she felt the singer was taking advantage of her. After she made the announcement calling for a split, DenG agreed without even trying to rescue the situation. He in turn accused her of not being professional, and denied that he ever disrespected her.Since then, according to fresh reports, the two have not been on good terms.1. The news that self-proclaimed King of Hipco Takun J was ditched by Lonestar Cell MTN, after his Brand Ambassador contract with the company was not renewed, left many wondering if the end of Takun’s golden era was drawing closer. Up to now the actual reason for the split between Takun J and the company has not been revealed, but it seems as though the artist has lately been doing more activism through his music, crooning for social justice and the rights of the downtrodden masses. Could there be a political prospect on the horizon? Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img

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