Rubi: “Falling before Real would be a very hard blow”

first_imgBetis coach Rubi analyzed the shock that his team will play this Sunday against Real Sociedad and detailed the keys to winter planning that left two new players on their squad. The second round, in liza: “We have reinforced the squad and now it has more level, more means and more possibilities. They are for immediate performance because they are contrasted players, they will be seen getting better and better. ”Need for improvement: “It was a poor first round, 24 points are few for what we deserved. We go for all in the second round, I will not consider the points to get because this changes a lot. But it is true that Betis must win many games and make a great second round. ”About Guido Rodríguez: “The sensations are good. He had a very busy 2019 match but he arrived very well and did not lose the form in those days. He is seen back with a ball and is a player who can help us a lot. ”Once before Real: “I have a team in mind with several possibilities. Change the team if in the end you have Nabil or you don’t have it. The important thickness is what you all know. Does everyone fit? For me the important thing is that there are more possibilities and the players will demand more from each other. I have to try to be fair with decisions, with performance and what I want is to win games. I ask you to be team players. When it’s their turn not to play and wait, they fight to get in and cheer on the team. They will not always play the same“ Final against Real: “In case of defeat it would be a very hard blow. It is a match in which you depend on yourself to cut distance with that rival. We know we were hurt there, they were better than us and we want to show that we can be better. There can also be a draw and that would not leave the final situation as to not entering Europe. ”Odegaard: “He has made a first lap of luxury, it was a joy to see him play football as a rival. It costs me nothing to say. We don’t want to suffer it and hopefully it’s not a great Odegaard. ”Quique Setién: “The first thing is to say that I’m not a lover of coach changes, is always the one who knows his staff best. I want to convey to Valverde all the best, I also wish the best to Setién. What I want is for Betis to do better than the other teams. Rumors? There was already a lot of talk about that, but I’m not sure of anything. Our performance was irregular, if I had to come Quique or come another, because that was not my thing. What I intend is that the people who judge us trust what we are doing. If there are not two good results, there will always be doubts. ”Departures: “What is tickets I do not think there is any forecast. If there were any way out, which I don’t see today, I could change that. The market can always change everything. I don’t know that any management is very advanced. ”last_img

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