Bus drivers accused of overcharging passengers

first_img Tweet 34 Views   4 comments Share Share LocalNews Bus drivers accused of overcharging passengers by: – June 22, 2012center_img Share File photo of the River Bank bus stand Residents in the community of Wallhouse have expressed outrage over what they claim is “totally unfair” treatment from bus drivers who have been charging them up to $1.00 more than the approved bus fare.“That is nonsense man, the country already so hard and they taking an extra $1.00,” one angry resident said.The residents claim that this is unfair because passengers travelling to Loubiere and Pointe Michel which are further than Wallhouse pay less than what they are being charged.“Some of them taking $3.00, some taking $3.50 this is just madness. I know the road bad but they shouldn’t cheat us that way,” he continued.According to the bus fare list issued by the Ministry of Public Works in August 2008, the bus fare from Roseau to Wallhouse is $2.50. This price was increased from $2.00 to $2.50 in 2003.A bus driver, who prefers to remain anonymous, said the extra charge is because of the “big hill I have to climb to bring them at their home”.While another sought to justify the price hike by stating, “them roads up there so bad, I have to buy shocks. They should tell public works fix the road”.Chairman of the Transport Board, Police Chief Cyril Carette who confirmed that the approved bus fare is $2.50, stated that the bus drivers should not over charge passengers as this is illegal.According to him, if they feel that a price hike is necessary, they must first meet with the Transport Board and discuss the issue.“They cannot just increase the bus fare like that it has to be legislated; you have to gazette the increase in the bus fares. After it is done, we [Transport Board] make the recommendation to the minister who is going to approve the bus fare”.Carette also informed that this issue will be discussed at the upcoming meeting of the Transport Board.“What we will do is discuss it at the next meeting that we are going to have sometime soon. But persons are supposed to be aware of what amount they are supposed to pay the buses and pay the buses that amount and if you find you are overcharged then you can always seek redress”.He has advised passengers who have been overcharged to file a police report as the bus drivers can be charged as this is an offence.Dominica Vibes News Sharing is caring!last_img

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