Zagreb and Zagreb County have shown how tourism is developing today. A story from which Dubrovnik can learn a lot

first_imgLogical and natural cooperation, which is a win-win for both destinations. More on that in the attachment. / / / EXCELLENT COOPERATION BETWEEN TZGZ AND TZZŽ AT THE DESTINATION CAMPAIGN – AROUND ZAGREB Once again, praise for the synergy because Around Zagreb is a win-win, both for Zagreb and for Zagreb County. After all, tourists, like tourism, do not know our invisible borders of municipalities, cities and counties. Imagine that Dalmatia (Split-Dalmatia, Šibenik-Knin County, Zadar County) is one destination and one brand – Dalmatia. How much content does the whole of Dalmatia have, and how much more efficient would it be to communicate through one brand and one platform. That’s why it’s important to brand regions. From Slavonia, Istria, Kvarner, Lika, etc.… In order to prolong the stay, increase tourist spending, reduce overtourism (because in seven days every guest would certainly come to Dubrovnik for one day – smart and strategic tourism) and most importantly increase the overall experience of tourists throughout the destination. But unfortunately Dubrovnik is “soloing”, looking only at itself, and not seeing the bigger picture. At the same time it “drowns” in its own mud ( overtourism ) which he created himself, just because there was no vision, courage and strategic development of the destination’s tourism. This is a great example and story from which Dubrovnik can learn a lot. I sincerely hope so. We know how the video works best at the moment and gives a vivid picture and so important additional context and storytelling. A great example of what every travel website should look like. Also, the example of Zagreb should certainly be followed, if not already be the leader, Dubrovnik. Personally, I think that Dubrovnik should brand or sell the entire area around the city. Use your financial and communication power as well as the power of the brand to just spread the story to the entire region. From Ston (Ston walls are the second largest walls after the Great Wall of China, it is the story of the Dubrovnik Republic, it has a top delicacy – oysters), Peljesac (indigenous and top wine variety Dingač) Korcula (island of Marco Polo) Mljet, Neretva Valley, etc.… because that top and quality content that Dubrovnik needs. Also, it is an interesting web presentation of the tourist offer, which consists of a simple and modern web solution, with ideas for excursions, calendar of events, gastronomy, ideas for excursions and stories about what to do for three days… and all of course in several languages , eng, slo, njem). Also, there is the Around Zagreb video series, which brings various stories about tourist facilities in Zagreb and Zagreb County and gives a personal note and motive more for experiencing Zagreb County. Stories play a major role. And that is exactly where the key element of this story is. What Zagreb and Zagreb County recognized as a win-in situation. As for Zagreb, to offer quality content just half an hour or less from the city center, as well as for Zagreb County to finally position itself as the top green ring of the capital. And so, congratulations for the proactivity of the directors of the tourist boards, Martini Bienenfeld and Ivana Alilović, and for showing the way. It’s possible, it’s up to the people. “In the summer period of the campaign, notable results were achieved, so most visits to the site came from Croatia (40%), but also from the market where the campaign was conducted – from Slovenia (35%) and Austria, Germany and Bosnia and Herzegovina (25%). It is interesting to note that we are also recording the interest of Americans, although no special promotion has been done in that market. This certainly shows that the topics of nature and outdoor living and active tourism are obviously interesting to the US market and represent a kind of guideline for future activities.”Point out from the Zagreb Tourist Board. Two months ago, the Zagreb Tourist Board and the Zagreb County Tourist Board launched an excellent partnership, promoting the capital and the Zagreb Green Ring through a unique destination campaign under the slogan “Near the city, close to the heart” / “Around Zagreb”. center_img The producer of the film is Mrs. Martina Miličević, whose video “Zagreb Wine Story” / “Winetasting Path Home” won third place in the world video competition of the highest circulation wine magazine. W. It is a great step forward that the film was made in English (so logical, but unfortunately also a rarity) with subtitles in Croatian, as well as that in the completed segments the film’s actors are foreign nationals, which cleverly and indirectly emphasizes that it is modern and urban. European city and more than interesting surroundings, which wants to attract tourists from around the world. A small but important detail. The joint campaign “Close to the city, close to the heart” was created with the aim of creating a year-round platform to promote the rich offer of the capital and its surroundings. In this sense, it is planned to address emitting markets throughout the year, and now represents an attractive autumn offer of Zagreb and its ring. Today it is part of a destination campaign “Near the city, close to the heart” / “Around Zagreb”, a special promotional film was published, which puts emphasis on greenery, staying in nature, recreation, as well as on the rich cultural and gastronomic offer of the capital and the Zagreb Green Ring. Explore the entire tourist story of Zagreb and Zagreb County at The narrator in the film is again Mr. Rob Reider, a five-time American winner Emmy awards for her shows and musical compositions, with which TZGZ has already had a great collaboration on the film “Zagreb Loves You”. Also, another important element that is a rarity in the promotion of our tourism. More than a great start, platform and cooperation, which I hope will not only stop at a one-time promotion, but as a permanent strategic and tourism project.last_img

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