researched how social networks influence our choice of non-hotel accommodation

first_imgRELATED NEWS: WHO WINS THE “BOOKING FIGHT” – HOTELS OR ONLINE TRAVEL AGENCIES? Also, more than a quarter (28%) admit that booking an attractive object is mandatory for a vacation, in order to be able to take photos that will be displayed as friends #goals among friends and family. Since arriving at their destination, travelers have been looking for moments worth posting on Instagram to display their content with #goals tags because one-fifth of global travelers (20%) among whom more than a fifth (21%) of travelers from Croatia admit to choose accommodation that can be shown in the photos to be more expensive than it really was.  BOOKING.COM STARTS BOOKINGSUITE APP STORE. GAME CHANGER U SECTOR TOURISM analyzed the results of a survey conducted on 18.500 travelers from 29 countries, including more than 500 respondents from Croatia, to find out the impact of social networks on booking non-hotel accommodation such as apartments or holiday homes.  Since posting holiday photos on social media is considered a postcard of today, travelers are constantly looking for inspiration, individuality and want to stand out. For that, they are ready to deviate from the usual tourist choices when choosing accommodation on vacation because almost half of travelers from Croatia (51%) reveal that they would like to visit a place that is so unique that none of their friends were there.  Not only do travelers use social media to impress their friends and family, but now more than ever they are looking for inspiration for their holiday through social media, photos, influencers and apps, all at their fingertips. The growing popularity of social media has transformed travel, from planning, inspiration and booking to content sharing.  It is therefore not surprising that more than a quarter of global travelers (26%) plan to choose unique accommodation so that they stand out in the crowd and would be considered trendsetters. The same opinion is shared by 18% of passengers from Croatia. last_img

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