What Others are Saying: Law: Dearth of dignity

first_imgWhat Others are Saying: Law: Dearth of dignity September 1, 2002 Regular News Law: Dearth of dignity (Editor’s Note: The following editorial concerning the Bar’s Dignity in Law campaign originally appeared in the July 29 edition of The Florida Times Union and is reprinted here with permission.)The Florida Bar’s new president sees a need to improve the image of the profession in the state.Tod Aronovitz is concerned that public perception of lawyers is less than it should be and he has devised Dignity in Law as a campaign to be carried out during his term.Rather than a slick public relations campaign — it will not involve ads — the campaign will try to deliver its message by other means.Aronovitz says lawyers are busy every day making wills, steering corporations through mazes of regulations, extricating innocent people from the coils of the law, getting child support for single parents and otherwise helping people who need help.The number far exceeds that of the few showboats who hog headlines filing frivolous suits or the shysters who use the law for their own benefit. More often than not, the Bar identifies and expels those unfit to practice.For every incompetent, crooked or ideologically driven judge there are dozens who tirelessly work through their dockets and carefully balance the interests of the state and accused, or the plaintiff and defendant.It is a worthwhile effort, and the public should heed the message that the Bar is attempting to disseminate.last_img

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