CVPS’s Cow Power links farmers, customers

first_imgCVPS Cow Power” links farms, renewables and customersCentral Vermont Public Service customers who want to support renewable energy and Vermont dairy farms have a new energy choice — CVPS Cow Power”. The Vermont Public Service Board has approved CVPS Cow Power”, which is intended to help promote development and reliance on renewable energy in Vermont by creating a market for energy generated by burning methane from cow manure.By enrolling in CVPS Cow Power”, customers will help support Vermont dairy farms that develop generators that run on methane from cow manure, renewable generation in the region, or incentives to farmers to get into the business.In addition to PSB approval, CVPS Cow Power has received the Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food and Markets Commissioners Choice Seal of Quality. CVPS Cow Power will be offered to customers for energy used starting Sept. 1, and bills rendered Oct. 1, but customers can sign up now. Want more information? Check out is external).Customers may choose to buy 25 percent, 50 percent, or all of their electricity through CVPS Cow Power”. Customers who choose CVPS Cow Power” will be charged an extra 4 cents per kilowatt-hour. Customers using 500 kWh per month who choose to receive 25 percent of their power under the Cow Power rider would pay only $5 a month more. At 100 percent, the charge would be $20 per month.For every kilowatt-hour requested by customers and provided by a Vermont farm, CVPS will pay the farmer the market price for energy plus the CVPS Cow Power” charge of 4 cents for the environmental benefits of the energy.Blue Spruce Farm in Bridport will be the first farm to provide energy through CVPS Cow Power”, although several other farms are investigating the program. Blue Spruce has 1,400 cattle, enough to produce 1.75 million kWh a year.last_img

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