How to improve the site traffic and novice

1: first in some well-known blog to create a blog, specifically targeted on their own website published some of the original article, if you are not going to write original articles of words, you can write some false original article: first, modify the title; to do so is to avoid the search title. In addition can also include a very attractive impression of spider visitors. Second, the main body and the other together can write yourself a little something of itself, we can try to see what effect. read more

Jiang Hui responded at the LongFeng Railway Station in Shanghai was K

Google update after PR, love Shanghai is not quiet. Recently, Shanghai dragon world is like entering into Shanghai, a turbulent, chaotic hero, also have more’s brother – flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum, for the K, and all. All of the external situation, and also have the wrong. But for the family when has not come forward to clarify, to listen to friends that night, Jiang Hui in tonight’s VIP senior class, responded to this thing. To see how Jiang Hui was at the K event: read more

Some novice don’t do the thankless Wangzhuan modeDo not rely on sh419 shlf1314 alliance is a monthl

everyone knows, a IP to do an alliance is only a League of money, then I do N League is not N union money? And now do pop, the general price is 1000IP, 4 to 5 yuan, according to this price >


later, I try to do alimama and shlf1314 Advertising, the income entirely on alimama, because at that time every day your point of advertising, a day to 10 yuan, shlf1314, see income, hard half earned $40, shlf1314 sent a letter to you K, sh419. The application is very difficult, and then later, in October 08, alimama sole source of income to my K! I began to despair. And also expect to sell, sell 2 times, we feel that we offer is too low, I insist on down! I was the site every day 2000ip, I depressed the income of 0. very read more

f there is no love Shanghai Shanghai dragon Er search engine in the way

In fact, even without the love of Shanghai

search engine will not disappear, but not unemployment in Shanghai dragon.

and Google and other search engines, or in the future of Internet users habits no longer use search engine, Shanghai dragon or a large number of needs, not just because Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai dragon, if simple is just to do with the flow of Shanghai Longfeng waste station is really no difference between what should be more; attention is ueo, attention to the user experience, how to retain visitors attention, attract repeat customers, is the site where the purpose of long-term operating profit; even if no search engine, a mature website is still require a lot of maintenance personnel to do the work of each site, to retain more once customers, and overall planning still should be by Shanghai dragon personnel to carry out, or correct to say that ueo staff, 100 visitors have 50 repeat 10 loyal users far more than 1000 visitors without a repeat is much better. read more

Love Shanghai Post Bar again showed Shanghai Longfeng opportunities

love to protect Kunming to Shanghai dragon doctor website >

Why do you think the

since 2012 628, more and more Shanghai dragon industry transformation, and optimize the work Shanghai Longfeng would need to spend a lot of time, so the Shanghai dragon seems to have abandoned most of the enterprises and individuals.

which explains what the problem is? "That waste too much, too little value". As the search engine of the entrance, since we can not provide a platform to provide quality content, so. So some of Shanghai’s natural love products occupy the search engine entrance. Then some friends say their products are certainly a good ranking, then doubt friends look at other search engine platform love Shanghai product rankings to talk again. read more

One year Wangzhuan incessantly left with nothing whatsoever but unwilling to give up disguised myse

Oh, actually she resigned from where I was happy, after all that shit units not only earn less, because there is no preparation is excluded, finally all day and me. No, she doesn’t do it. She chose the wedding dress

has been working in the software industry, with less research on the internet. 09 years, I can’t feel so waste your youth, decided to choose an industry to study, election to election, the final selection of wangzhuan. The reason is simple – only the industry I am most familiar with and have a technical base. read more

New website analysis allows some website development factors

third core site operation and maintenance is the user must not be optimized in order to optimize. This point is very anxious and leads to the optimization problem, we continue to take babies for example, babies born after feeding the food second already talked about it, but if you want to violate the principle, to the child every day of overeating, will undoubtedly lead to child growth and development problems, because the child is the digestive system fragile! In the same way, the website is a truth, a new station on the line does not have any weight, it is like a newborn baby, love Shanghai does not give any weight, a weight website how to win the love recognized by Shanghai, is undoubtedly set for all users of the service concept and the optimization of thinking, the author found that many stations in order to optimize and for example, optimization, pseudo original collection > read more

The key to optimize the website is the core keywords of the long tail keywords selection

love Shanghai weight query look at this web site is to use what keywords optimization site, as shown in figure

to do long tail keywords, usually there is a misunderstanding, the so-called long tail keywords, is a combination of "keyword + XX", in fact, this is a wrong view, the so-called long tail keywords is a certain flow, but also the core keywords and website of the word, the word contains words or a combination of X + + X keywords at the same time, including no keywords words, but always around the key words. From the above data shows that, only to hear the sizzle in the keyword search volume on > read more

Network promotion in my eyes mouchangqing master

forum propaganda way is my many website promotion methods, the most difficult, but also effect is the fastest. Every day I have to outside those forums dozens of topics, hundreds of top posts. But in those big forum to have a lot of Ma3 jia3 reply to it, otherwise the advertisement effect is very poor. In several forums I major publicity in one forum has 40 several ID.

online, but most people are a generation, so a lot of people in this way, the effect is not obvious. In fact, a forum is the biggest Essentials: choose good material (must be very popular kind) and then go to a very popular version (version I often go to the area are hundreds of thousands of people online the clock) post publicity. To use a few. read more

How will the content of the web site into a web series

first, all records website page title

was the first to record the title of each article, this is the website content into network structure is very important. So every time you send an article title must be recorded, in fact here we want to say a digression, that is we should do web site quality, rather than do garbage sites, from boutique website and spam site is the essence of the content, so if a small and medium-sized enterprise station content I hope everyone is from the user’s point of view, the real write to solve user problems, or the user is interested in the article. If it is over the collection of articles I also hope you can put the article from A to Z look again, embellished, perfect content. Now I finally understand why people who will do the Bo tube chain so well that each content is personally written, on their website content well, also can only be well known for their website content under the condition of all of the content on the web series to create a large network. But the content is useful to the user, even though they may be only a month to write an article, or even longer. Rather than go every day to update and update the site, write some non nutritious junk content. Only in the website content is to write it to remember, next time to write articles will remember the content, then the nature of the chain. Imagine that every day in order to update and update the website, how can you do that? It is recommended that you do fine website. read more