Movie site early online you need to know about the three aspects of Shanghai dragon skills

1), the initial site operators we need to select the keyword selection at the beginning, the degree of competition is relatively small keywords in the title of the website why? The reason is very simple, because the weight in our title is the highest, when low weight site early, these little words easy to get competitive rankings and flow, when our site weight high then the words to the title. Influence of keywords in the title sequence does not move to the site’s weight.

3), the need to pay attention to the appearance of the template is simple and beautiful, open fast enough, after all, is too nice template, too much modification, code bloat, plus the background pictures and slides, seriously affect the user open speed and spider crawling speed, especially useful to the foreign server webmaster, this is particularly important. read more

Shanghai Dragon 3 user experience algorithm

new users click rate: the influence of the title of the website; website description; brand promotion effect.

The influencing factors of

3, click on Related words demand data

?The influencing factors of

Shanghai Dragon 3 user experience changes in the algorithm – the Internet search engine, with the changes of the website optimization method is to constantly change, Shanghai Dragon 3 era is the followers of Web3.0 development, it pays more attention to the user experience. So, for now love Shanghai and Google in the mainstream search engine user experience how the algorithm will be introduced?. read more